Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ERa landmarks 103 gurgaon project..what experts say


Dear Friends,
sec-103 gurgaon is a project sold to public in 2010 and in sept'2011 this interview is telecasted  where the property guru is responding to the project on direct question of a prospective customer. Please see how the expert/guru does not even know that the builder is not showing his project as a residential project that is for sale, as the website in 2012 is saying 103...cosmos city to be launched soon...meaning it is not launched yet...and as we all know PRE-LAUNCH is banned in Haryana.
Though the expert talks about taking into consideration the titles of the land...which era might have...but builders do not show it so easily....more than the title the project should be licensed by the DTCP, for the builder to be able to sell it to the public...but clearly our dear builder has not got the license till date or else it would have started allotting the flats too....yes, sir like it did with flats in REDWOOD RESIDENCY and DIVINE COURT..( the places where the expert is asking people to check before investing...in Faridabad).Era did not even have the lay-out plan sanctioned by DTCP...meaning no plan was approved yet the builder confidently allotted flats to builders in towers as per first come-first serve...knowing well that the clauses in the agreement that say the flat is tentative and the builder can change the allotment of the flat due to changes or directions of DTCP, would be helpful enough to save its hide.
This demonstrates clearly the strategy used by Era to sell projects to public at large without first getting approvals, once the project is sold than it starts the process of getting license etc with money from customers at each stage. Therefore not only be sure of the title of the project but also check various necessary approvals  have been obtained by ERa or not. 


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    1. Very true, but you know the most number of builder related court cases are in the courts of the law for Gurgaon only. There is no residential project that has not gone to the court to seek relief from the menace of the builders be it silver oaks to a project as new as central park 2.The underbelly of the Gurgaon high life is plagued, Beware.

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