Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ERa landmarks 103 gurgaon project..what experts say


Dear Friends,
sec-103 gurgaon is a project sold to public in 2010 and in sept'2011 this interview is telecasted  where the property guru is responding to the project on direct question of a prospective customer. Please see how the expert/guru does not even know that the builder is not showing his project as a residential project that is for sale, as the website in 2012 is saying 103...cosmos city to be launched soon...meaning it is not launched yet...and as we all know PRE-LAUNCH is banned in Haryana.
Though the expert talks about taking into consideration the titles of the land...which era might have...but builders do not show it so easily....more than the title the project should be licensed by the DTCP, for the builder to be able to sell it to the public...but clearly our dear builder has not got the license till date or else it would have started allotting the flats too....yes, sir like it did with flats in REDWOOD RESIDENCY and DIVINE COURT..( the places where the expert is asking people to check before investing...in Faridabad).Era did not even have the lay-out plan sanctioned by DTCP...meaning no plan was approved yet the builder confidently allotted flats to builders in towers as per first come-first serve...knowing well that the clauses in the agreement that say the flat is tentative and the builder can change the allotment of the flat due to changes or directions of DTCP, would be helpful enough to save its hide.
This demonstrates clearly the strategy used by Era to sell projects to public at large without first getting approvals, once the project is sold than it starts the process of getting license etc with money from customers at each stage. Therefore not only be sure of the title of the project but also check various necessary approvals  have been obtained by ERa or not. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

CCI slams DLF again....!!!!!

Please read this news Item in Economic times. The CCI ruling against DLF is on clauses that this builder ERa Landmarks has also committed, we have in our complaint also raised the same points....maybe this CCI verdict will now set the precedent for customers to claim their rights.


Its so strange that these builders have still recognized that they are primarily service providers, that is they charge at every stage to construct and develop residential/commercial projects as per pre-determined design and specification....looking at which the customer has agreed to purchase into the said project.
Wish the Government comes out harder at such unscrupulous builder/developers or else customers would be cheated all the way and would have to pile up cases after cases in the courts of law for recourse to their grievances.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Era Landmarks- unscrupulus projects

Here are some of the list of advertisements that fill the cyber world with lucrative sales pitch for residential projects launched by Era Landmarks.....a new launch that has not been advertised till date is Dwarka- 104....yes they have already started selling this project as well.....there is no advertisement yet, but soon would be on the web.

Era 103 - Unicon Property

Era 103 is a New Residential Project by Era Group in Sector 103 Gurgaon. ... Infra Engineering Era Building Systems Ltd.(Era Building Systems Era Landmarks ...
www.uniconproperty.com/Gurgaon-Sector_103-Era_Group-Era_103.html - Cached -

Era Landmark, Sec 85 , 2/3/4 BHK - Indian Real Estate Forum - www ...

www.indianrealestateforum.com/.../t-era-landmark-sec-85-2-3-4-bhk-19112.html - Cached -Similar

Original Booking in Gurgaon Sec-86 Era Landmark 9560801112 ...

ERA-Landmark is coming soon with thundering project at Sec-86, Gurgoan with the high end luxury and specification. The tentative sizes would be 2 BHK (1150 ...
gurgaon.olx.in/original-booking-in-gurgaon-sec-86-era-landmark-9560801112-iid-229392049 -

Of the above projects only sector-103 finds place and mention on the companies web site and all others do not. The brokers have been selling and closing phases of sales with revision in prices since 2010....for example in 2010 the project at sector-103 was launched at Rs 2600/- per sq ft and now the sales have been closed by the brokers as all inventory is sold ( according to brokers) ...but who knows what the exact number of flats would be as the builder has still to  get the lay-out plan sanctioned by the DTCP. The rest of the Projects like sector-86 and sector-85 do not get any mention on the builders web-site...NOT STRANGE AT ALL!!
Over and above is the fact that even after 2 years the project on sector-103 is being tauted by Era landmark as a project that is COMING SOON....meaning the approvals for the project are coming soon...or the sale of the project would be starting soon....( but they have already sold it through its channel partner)....maybe even Era does not have the answers for the it...that is why this information has been on their site since last two months....and surely the customers must have been made to part with almost 25% of the sale consideration of this un- approved residential project.
As per the regulations, no company is allowed to sell any flat unless it advertises the licence number obtained for it by DTCP, but in case of Era Landmarks, it does not care about what the regulations say. Maybe the Director, Town and Country Planning needs to look in this specific case and help the beleaguered customers of such projects who do not know what they have invested into as the brochure is just a tentative declaration , though the CCI in its judgement against DLF has ruled that the sales brochure is an extension of the builder - buyer agreement as on its basis the customer volunteered to buy into the project. 
Have raised these questions to the Director now, hope we get some specific answers, in a short time and such mal-practices are eventually be routed out of our real estate industry. Hope the industry also does some introspection and revoke the membership of such unscrupulous developers like ERa LAnd Marks (India) ltd.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Sometimes the news pierces the mind and stops you to think... a science long forgotten....in the age where speed is the only concern who has the time to think....so much to do and so little time....no time...notime...yet, the breeze of the news chills you to think.....and stop.
 A brave man. An IAS officer. Killed for doing his duty. For stopping illegal mining in M.P. They say the mining mafia is-was behind it.
There is public out cry, all news channel are pouring views and debates on this horrendous killing of the man trying to do his duty. Some locals were saying on T.V channels that he was god send person for them as he was trying to demolish the goonda raj that was there before he came and they said that he was successful in bringing the crime rate down....but was this not his duty. He was not doing any one any favour, he was just doing his duty...and was not at all god send....is it not what is supposed to be done by every IAS police officer, to protect and to defend the citizens and its property.
Maybe we have less officers doing their lawful duty that is why the martyr is being referred to GOD-SEND by the local people that they feel now they have lost some-one who would protect and defend them. What a real pity.
We all know there is no law in this country....yes there is for sure a BYE-LAW, which is always adhered too by the law breakers.....it is so much in practice that there exists no other law of the land. Every one swears by the BYE-LAW and they fear it and follow it , cause you can not escape the BYE-LAW. 
when some one comes out against the BYE - LAW...he/she is bulldozed....without fail and we all watch silently and discuss vehemently....The man who stood against the BYE-LAW did his job...the gangster who slained and butchered him did his job....news channel are doing their Job and we are doing ours by discussing and arguing and condoning it vehemently....and yes, we all will go back home and sleep well.....that is also a part of job we all have to do.....no, correct.
In our country we have all types of Mafia's....land mafia, mining Mafia, stone mafia, etc....each state has it, each district has it, therefore the Mafia is represented well....even at the well of the house both of the commons and of the seniors...therefore he, who stands up against any one mafia is infact standing up against the complete set-up, system, from the very TOP to the Grass-roots. Hence he knows his destiny, he knows he is out their to die....he is not afraid to die....he is afraid to be alive while every one around him is dead. His decision is clear and so is the method of the decision, to live to the fullest like no other moment exists. 
Like Narendra who laid his life fighting, there are many more fighting against different faced Mafia's of this magna opus... Our fighters will keep on laying lives as the system is too organized that it comes heavily down on individual fighters...but are these fighters dithered by facts. Really, I do not think so. Guess Narendra has joined the like of his... wish him well for the journey beyond....would soon join you and narrate how i was failed.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

(andh)ERA LANDMARKS (India) ltd

Please read the comment made by Tushar....in 2010 ......
...which only substantiates that the real estate developer "Era Landmarks"..is a developer who sells a (One) property to upteen number of customers (giving each allotment and complete set of papers) which finally after 7 to 8 years is sold to whoever pays max for the said property and the rest of the customers are left to figure out what hit them....best unethical business practice.....please read further!!!!!!

ERA Landmarks India Ltd - (andh)ERA LANDMARKS (India) ltd
Description: http://www.icomplaints.in/images/bullet.gif Complaint by aashkaul on October 8, 2010, 9:46 pm in Real Estate
This is to bring to the notice of all people of this country, how some unscrupulous Builders are duping people of their hard earned money.....one in line is ERA LANDMARKS....though it an offshoot of a reputed infrastructure company but to everyones KNOWLEDGE the real estate company is only interested in duping people with misinformation and misrepresentation of any and all basic and vital facts about the project that it is building with our money and for us.
The project that it launched in 2006 is still as per a banks recent survey only 38% over and above that it is rigged with major land problems. It was showed as a continious project with 4 acres park in the middle, to the utter horror of its customers it is now found, that the land that was to become the park is not in possession or in their name plus the project has three roads bisecting this, leaving it totally disintegrated. This project is called REDWOOD RESIDENCY,SECT-78, Faridabad.
The other worthy project that the company sold in 2009 Is called the DIVINE COURT, sect-76, Faridabad. The very fact that builder does not even have the licence to call it residential will help you understand the deep rooted nexus it has with corrupt practices. If the builder does not have the licence then how will have the sanction to construct any building in that project, the fact remains that Era is going ahead with constructing independent floors even after it does not have any clearance from the regulatory authority to construct in this project.
In 2007 it launched a residential project in PALWAL and called it OAKWOOD....which has also not seen the light of the day even after three years, now the builder has changed the plan and is introduced same independent floors there too....by the name DIVINE COURT, PALWAL sector-5. Most of the owners of the oakwood project were shifted to this new project and some are still not sure of their future.
In 2007 again ERA introduced another project in PALWAL sect-8, which was called CARNATION GREENS...later the name was changed to GREEN WORLD. This was a project that was to come up with plots measuring various sizes. In april 2007, the company called in PRE-LAunch scheme for investing in this project, even three years later the builder has not given possession of a single plot. Infact to make matters worse it wrongfully has RESOLD the plots it had sold earlier as plots now as independent floors in a scheme it launched in 2010 August.
Thats not the end of it...there are still some projects which due to lack of space and time I have not even mentioned.

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Recent Comments
Fri, 13 May 2011  tushar
Hi i also express my complaint against ERA Green world Sector -08 Palwal,

Co. Sold my plot two times and and giving allotment letter to both alootees .

now i m going for judicial act.
Sun, 06 Feb 2011  Davinder Singh
I support this complaint.
Hi Guys,
This is Davinder Singh from Save India Foundation, an NGO working against Corruption and malpractices in our society. We have noticed your complaints against this builder ERA Group and if you still have any grievances against the company, pls do let us know. We will take up your cause at relevant platforms n with Govt agencies.
Davinder Singh
Fri, 08 Oct 2010  Message from iComplaints.in Helpdesk
An email communication has been sent to ERA Landmarks India Ltd on October 8, 2010, 9:46 pm

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Which Era is Era landmarks living In

Here again I share a complaint posted by one of the consumers of Era Landmarks Ltd  on a website to showcase the plight of the beleaguered customer of one of the projects of this colonizer. It seems the more you know or find out about this company the more certain you are that there are bigger discrepancies, this company has been engaged in rather than the business of construction and development. Please read the matter carefully!!!!!!!
View all ERA Landmarks India Ltd complaints

ERA Landmarks India Ltd

Ravi Singh  Send email on Dec 17, 2010
Which Era is Era landmarks living In
Pathetic, ugly and most callous in which Era treated its customers who approached the office to talk to the Era management about their grievances. The group members of Era Divine court sector-76, when reached the gate of Era landmarks office in noida sector-3, They were greeted with goons and goonda's outside the main gate and were not allowed to get inside the building to talk to the senior management regarding their queries. It should be noted that before going to the office the group had written numerous times to the management regarding their grievances and since no reply had come from Era's side they then decided to go in person to talk it out with them.
But Era had positioned some ten goons on the gate who prevented this group to go inside stating that there was no one inside from the office who could listen to them. It was office hours at 16:00 hrs, the office was vacant how can that be possible. But the gaurds did nopt listen even tried to use rough langaguage and man handled members of the group. There was more in numbers stationed inside aswell to prevent any member inside the office complex...DOES ANY COMPANY BEHAVE WITH ITS OWN CUSTOMERS LIKE THIS...WHICH ERA IS ERA LIVING!!!..This is serious thing to do...what trust can you have now...The management instead of answering the grievances of the customers is willing to get physical now...This is the intregity of the company and its commitment towards its own customers. For an hour the members were made to stand outside in the sun on a lousy pretext that NO ERA LANDMARKS OFFICIAL is inside the building where as the same were peeping through the glass doors and windows and enjoying the drama or plight of innocent customers.
This behaviour is proof enough of the real intentions of the management of ERA Landmarks. This complaint is to protest in most strong manner the use of force and help of goons that the Era landmarks resorted to yesterday when customers only went to talk about their issues regarding their residential projects status. This is no way of treating us..Era landmarks and this also will go a long way in damaging any thread of trust that was left in the customers mind.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Era Landmarks-recent advertisement for Redwood Residency!!

Here is the Advertisement we all were anticipating as brokers have already posted their ads on the web -portals a few months back, so to give these brokers a better and deeper coverage this advertisement was much needed. The Topic was primarily covered by the column last month, titled, " No EMI Till Possession"....There are a few things though that we had not discussed earlier, which have been brought to light by this advertisement.
If you look at the bottom part of the Advertisement....Era has given the license No.-197 obtained for this project in 2007....where as we the public were sold the same in 2006....this fact is not there in this advertisement and towards whom it is targeted....the NEW CUSTOMER would also not know....that the public was sold this residential project more than 5 years ago.....even when the builder/colonizer did not have the very basic licence in its name...and by the time the license was obtained the builder had already taken/received almost 25% of the Basic Selling Price (B.S.P). Further, this Advertisement provides the Approval of Building plans, Memo No.-1736 on 17/04/2008, the fact is that in 2007 itself WITHOUT THE SANCTION OF BUILDING PLANS the Colonizer had allotted flats to the public who had purchased flats in 2006....in absolute violation of the rule and law of the land.
So those who are hoping to enter a world of Era, please beware.....as all the tag lines or punch lines in this advertisement are false promises that would never get fulfilled.
Now if we look at the TOP OF THIS ADVERTISEMENT....where the company wants the new customer to believe that the 2/3 BHK flats would be delivered for possession with in 2 months....but when you go to buy from them the agreement would say possession in 2 years......Further, The So Called CLUB....has not even been constructed till date....Therefore No SWIMMING POOL....and no other features that this advertisement tries to lure you to believe, the fact is that the said Township/community is not on a continuous patch of land.....meaning the 10.05 acres of land on which this township is being build is divided by two sector roads and  a third revenue road and as if this was not enough there is a third party land which falls in dead center of the project.....rendering this project totally DIS-INTEGRATED ....therefore no question of this being a Secured Gated Community as the advertisement wants the beleaguered customer to believe.
Hence be cautious in believing such enticements and cacophony of meaningless promises which will never be fulfilled. Study the Sanctioned plan to have a clear idea of the project that would be constructed, follow it up with a site visit to get a real understanding of how this project would look on completion and also so that you can judge for your self the real time it would take to colonizer to complete the project. which would not be before 2013, as per the progress of work that has been going on for last 6 years.


This is a complaint on a site called India Consumer Forum . This complaint is posted on 18/03/2010 and since last two years this project is as it was two years back. Absolutely no improvement has happened and like this customer who has complaint on this forum, many others are stuck after paying more than 70 percent money to the colonizer who had promised possession in 2011. SO there is no denying that which ever project you talk of, of ERA LANDMARKS LTD, the customers have only difficulties and cheating to report. Please read the complaint below-

I have booked a flat in a project of Era Infrastructure Ltd (B-24, Sector 3, Noida – 201301, India Ph: +91 (120) 4037000 | Fax: +91 (120) 4037029) called Era Divine Court, which is located in Sector 76 of Faridabad, Haryana. I bought the flat giving preference to open space shown in their brochure in front of my flat. But now they areconstructing flats on open space just in front of my flat. The plan which they submitted for approval also is different from what they showed me initially at the time of selling the flat. They fooled me by selling a flat on a different layout plan and submitting a different layout plan for approval. They are saying they have not charged any PLC for open space, so they can construct the flats. It is a case of breach of trust and cheating.
But I feel violated as my sole purpose of buying a flat in front of an open areas has been defeated. It seems they have been won over by their greed to make some extra money. Please suggest what can be done. I trusted this company but I got cheated.
Location: F-4, Patel Dham, Delhi
Email: binodkoomar@gmail.com