Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another blot on Era landmarks

Era landmarks, so conveniently sold another project by the name of Divine Court, in sector 76, Faridabad. Under the newly developed marketing gimmick of Budget Homes. The customers were promised that the construction of the said project will start immediately and the Bhumi-Pujan will be done in oct'09, till date no construction activity has been undertaken by the developer, forget about bhumi-pujan. Above that the developer had also promised to give possession of these independent floors in 2 years time, with already 6 months gone, how will they ever be in a position to construct so may floors in the given time frame. Its only fraud after fraud. As there is no effective way of tackling with such a callous and malicious developer.
what has really happened is that the developer and the brokers are enjoying the benefits of our laboured money whereas the customers are languishing in dust and nobody is able to fight these bloated and politically connected Mafia's of today.