Friday, March 7, 2014


Dear Friends,

Here is the link of the Citizen Journalist Show, which this weekend highlighted the plight of Consumers of ERA.. Remember now its called ADEL LANDMARKS. Two projects were showcased, First being DIVINE COURT and second PROJECT IN BAHADURGARH. Both these projects are in Haryana and both have almost same glaring deficiencies.

what this proves is that we Consumers are very easy targets for such unscrupulous developers. Therefore be very careful before paying any installments if you have already booked a flat/plot with the said developer. Please ensure that all documents, Such as License, Building plan approvals, Sanctioned Plans, Receipt of deposition of EDC, Title of the land, Non Encumbrance Certificate, etc are all provided to you. Please do not mistake the banks sanctioning of loan as the only check, banks have often proved to be guilty of favoring such unscrupulous developers. Therefore, be sure Era/ADEL provides you with all documents, otherwise put your foot down. I am sure you would not be willing to spend the rest of your lives moving applications in the courts or police stations as these buyers have had too. Take care and Best Wishes!!