Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Complaints ERA LANDMARKS (India) LTD

This is Mr Moheria's complaint on REF:-
I Have also invested in era. It is nothing more than a group of fraudasters. The staff posted at their Head office Noida is well trained in making fools.
This project is niether approved by HUDA nor any bankers. Do not beleive them .they are laundering our money. Further wait is the wastage of time . Let us cometogether and ask them to refund the money with interest or move to consumer court

Jaspal Singh writes in Jan 2012 on REF:-
dear, i am facing the same problem with this company. i have booked a flat in this project in 2009 and they were supposed to give possation in 24 months. I recieved the agreement copy after 3-4 months. i signed the copy and return back but never got it back after signing from company side. afer visiting the site i come to know that they even have not started my flat wheras other flats are being constructed. i contacted their office about delay and the agreement. they told me that we have kept the raw materiel in area where your block was supposed to be contructed and it will start soon and send a fresh agreement copy in 2011, whose terms and conditions are entirely different from earlier agreement, i have signed. this company is cheating on me by sending me New buyers agreement, with new conditions. I did'nt kept photocopy of earlier agreement. can you provide me with photocopy of Buyers agreement. my contact no. is 9810117566 and email

Above are again some samples that would make you sit erect and ponder on how these builders cheat common man. Who has been dreaming of owning a house and how these Unscrupulous developers lure customers with false promises that are never documented. So its basically your words against a Con-team that has cleverly worded agreement clauses that favour and protect the interest of the Unscrupulous Developer.

Mr Moheria is right that the project that Era has sold was not sanctioned by DTCP...and was sold and the construction still goes on....beyond the term agreed by Developer in writing.....yet no flat is complete, the Developer still does not have the sanction plan in its name...and as you can see EVEN The Agreement dates have been altered by the Company ( Read Mr. Jaspal's Complaint)

A fine example of this type of cheating has been done by Era with REDWOOD RESIDENCY Customers as well. At the time of initial launch  and acceptance of Booking amounts...Era had shown land in sector-88 of Neherpar, Faridabad....the boundary wall was created by GI Sheets....sales staff was deputed, construction team with men and machinery was deployed ...the sales staff categorically said that construction work would start in a months time and the rates would be revised as well....but the fact is that later almost after an year Era changed the sector in which they were going to construct the apartments...from sector-88 to sector-78 ....but as the customer had not been given any document which said the project would come up in sector-88...there was nothing as customer could do....would request everyone to be really cautious from the day of purchase, get everything documented....if the sales manager can not give in writing that means it should not be believed....As it is our hard earned money...we should take maximum care in not investing with bogus builders who only aim to cheat the customer.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Complaints against ERA LANDMARKS (INDIA) LTD

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Era Landmark Devine court project 76 (complaint)
 srisrcm on Jul 20, 2010
Cheeting with the end user by showing the wrong brocher
punish the culprit like Era landmark company who really don't bother about the hard earned money of end users. I will not deter with my remarks made against Era landmark. My contact number is 9871116802...

ERA Landmark sec 76 Faridabad (complaint)
Peeyush  Send email on Oct 21, 2009
project not started yet....its delayed by 1 month in the starting itself...
have booked my flat in ERA Landmark Sec-76, I just want to know about the company that when they will start the project and deliver the project. They have said that they will do the BHUMI PUJAN in the 1st week of Oct. 2009 but they didn't. I have to submit my rest booking amount in the last week of this month i...

Unicon Real estate (complaint)
 Surinder Rewari on Dec 7, 2011
My son have booked a property in the Era landmark Sector 103 through Shri Navneet of M/S. Unicon posted at Sector 14, Gurgaon and the details are as under: Name Gagan Deep Singh House NO. 178 Sector 12 Pocket 3, Dwarka, New Delhi Builder Name Era Project Name Era 103 Tower NO...

Above are some more complaints easily available on the cyber space, the list is Era has violated all existing laws of the Land. It has not given possession of Redwood Residency, sec-78...since 2006 the year when it accepted the first payment for the flats....the brochure shown at that time was totally different from what Era got sanction for....had public known what they were buying one would have bought a disintegrated Township...but public was duped by not only the Sales staff of ERa but also the Chairman of Era through his Press conference's..where he promised semi-furnished flats by 2009...and it is 2012 now...forget semi-furnished flats not even Basic flats have been made available to the Home-buyers who have been in doldrums since paying for initial booking 6 years back.

Please Check the complaint of Surinder Rewari.....(which is the 3rd complaint from the top)
The Company...Era Landmarks (India) Ltd Website....does not acknowledge sale of it says clearly....LAUNCHING SOON....meaning the project is not launched....yet the complainant has categorically stated that he has paid Rs 5 Lakh towards booking of the flat in the scheme through UNICON Real EState...who are not giving him the agreed discount back in cash.....he purchased a 1700 sq ft flat at Basic Sale price of RS 3300/- per sq ft.....THis is a repeat of what Era did with Home-buyers of REDWOOD RESIDENCY, DIVINE COURT, OAKWOOD,GREENWORLD, ETC.....BEWARE Home-buyers ...DO not fall into this trap where the builder is selling projects WITHOUT CLEARANCE by DTCP.....Ask for relevant documents...if you do not get...don't believe any other it to Director, TOWN & COUNTRY the earliest. Thanks.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


This is to bring to attention of all Customers who are about to chase their dreams of owning a house or have just finalized and paid booking amount to the Realtor who sold you the Ideal Home of your Future Needs...Please Check on the documents mentioned in the above mentioned PUBLIC NOTICE by DTCP.

Those who had bought into any Residential scheme believing the Realtors promises and even after an year or more the Project has not seen the light of the day...Please do not wait any further write immediately to the DTCP office and get the facts about your project from the agency that is responsible for sanctioning of the project.

This is a growing menace..only awareness can help us fight against such unscrupulous developers. God Bless!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

ERAsed Cust-Mar's Plight

Go through this as slowly as you can, cause each word that forms a sentence is writ with pain n suffering of those that have been ERAsed by ERA Landmarks. These Customers have been lured by the unscrupulous developer to believe in the difference...and since have seen the Different methods employed n engaged by ERA to dupe the beleaguered Customers off their lives savings.

This Is from Amit2222 on Indian Real Estate Forum:-
Era Landmarks have launched many projects in Sirsa and Faridabad and elsewhere. But have not delivered any project till date. The price heard for their project is also higher than the current projects in Sec 68 and near abouts.

The soon to be launched project is actually a relaunch of a failed project of this year. Kindly share your thoughts whether this project will actually take off or will the Era Group will just milk the investors for money.

This is what Vicky has to say on IREF:-
Dont touch it !!

I invested in their Faridabad project during 2006 period of the last boom.

1. Location changed- in fact they changed the sector itself
2. The HUDA road "suddenly" appreared in the middle of the "approved" plot dividing it into 2 parts
3. The green area shown in map suddenly became future project/ others land !

Here is what Mr Puh has to say on I complaints:-
Cheating by Era Group : Attention New Buyers

Dear Sir,

I with many other people booked flats (flat no. was also allotted) in a Project called Era Divine Court at Sector -76, Faridabad, Haryana. The project was launched by a company Era Landmarks Ltd. ( Era Infrastructure Ltd.). The project was a pre-launch and layout plan/map was not approved but license was obtained by them. Map approval is still awaited after expiry of eights months. There was provision of 820 flats in the said plot. We bought flats keeping in view the area /layout shown in their brochure which has some green area/open area also. Their project was almost sold out. Now after so many days we have come know that they constructing 44 more flats in the green area/ open area, without increasing the total area of the plot, thus decreasing the open area (the same has been confirmed by the company). We are also told by the company that they are constructing one creche (child nursery) and a religious building at the other proposed green site leaving no green area to 180 yard flats. For such a big community only one open area would be there, in front of 250 yard flats that too, with water tanks.

We have bought flats keeping in view the green area/open area and as they are constructing flats in these areas, we feel cheated and violated. At the same time, we feel that this would make society more congested and shabby as they are giving no area for recreational activity.

On inquiry they are saying they well within their rights to construct those flats as they do not have charged any PLC for green area/open area and these are only minor changes and as per agreement (which was signed between us in Sept. 2009), this can be done.

But we can not buy this argument, as construction of 44 flats and encroachment on other areas for constructing other things are not a minor change and we feel cheated coz they first sold us flats showing green/open area and now they are constructing flats and other buildings on them.

By selling new flats, which are supposed to come in the green area, new buyers money can be at risk. They are cheating new buyers also and making false promises. Their website is also giving wrong information about this. We are tying to deal with them, failing to that we would approach consumer court. This is giving company a very bad name which has good reputation.

This is for your information and suggestion please.

Link to the above complaint:

Above are just a few examples of what the CUSTOMERS Plight has been by BELIEVING IN THE DIFFERENCE ... The Sector that was shown where the Township was to come has been changed, Roads appear to make the township dis-integrated, Green Park disappears to Future expansion or new towers or flats, Flats n plots are cancelled for asking legitimate questions, ...Common area is sold to new buyers, The Methods have to be understood to be believed...

ERAsed for ever

What happens when you buy a house in a project of the company that wants to cheat you...yes, you are are ERAsed. Especially when all your decisions of future life are based on this one cliffhanger, which was specially conceived to make believe a dream world which was never going to be constructed. What were shown were only promises..empty and false, only to lure you into making a blunder of your life, for which your dear ones would each day laugh, draw caricature of your foresight, cajole at your endeavoring free spirit, ridicule at your wisdom to judge an important decision as this vs that of the great uncle who not only bought a beautiful house but also how it's capital value appreciated in an year to beyond what we can never imagine and life of bliss they are leading now.
The insult does not end here, each time you will call the customer care dept of the company to raise your query (Cause of all the happy things that you have had to face since buying into this project) they will not only be rude, they will make it a point to rub you at the wrong end so hard that you will never wish to call them again. The disdain with which they will open the conversation would help in understanding the direction it would end if you pursued the matter more vigorously, so to save your self from the abusive language you would  agree in disagreement to end the onslaught.
With each passing month, months and years your apprehension, fear, uncertainty will scale new heights but the construction would not keep pace, instead as all monies have been pocketed in first few installments now the work on site would remain stalled for reason best known to the builder. Its not that you do not know the reason, but you will not chose to listen to it as your best interest is not to listen to logic now...cause as already the possession date has been over run by a couple of years, your payment is almost fully gone to the builder and it would not be possible now for you to buy anything in that area or anywhere at the price at which you booked five or six years you do not like to be ERAsed...there is hope against hope that now, this year you would at least get the structure ready and if god forbid, the builder does not complete the project you will  be in a position to get it completed by yourself and start to stay in it.
This Logic would also get a jolt or two when you find out that the builder has converted the Common area that was once sold to you and others( Six Years Back) has been now converted into a Residential has been sold ...and this new towers construction is well ahead of any other tower in the project..and these new customers might get Possession before any one else...So more anxiousness but somewhere relief that if the builder completes the New Tower then he will have enough money to complete ours as well.
The second Jolt can come in many uncertain ways..either in form of increased cost of the apartment which is far from complete...This is result of property appreciation ...the builder will not let you enjoy the cheery n the pie ...cherry will always be your options would be again to weigh carefully, calculate and pay an increased cost on the PROMISE of getting possession within a couple of this time not only your pocket..but your Heart has also had had enough and would be in no position to take another salvo from the Builder,So like a tamed Pigeon the customer will abide by Builders Diktat.
That is the journey of any Home-buyer in NCR...from a proud home buyer to an ERA(sed) Common Man!? When will the guilty get punished? No HOpe with Govt Flip-flopping on policy issues...Really sad for Indians.