Sunday, April 15, 2012

ERAsed for ever

What happens when you buy a house in a project of the company that wants to cheat you...yes, you are are ERAsed. Especially when all your decisions of future life are based on this one cliffhanger, which was specially conceived to make believe a dream world which was never going to be constructed. What were shown were only promises..empty and false, only to lure you into making a blunder of your life, for which your dear ones would each day laugh, draw caricature of your foresight, cajole at your endeavoring free spirit, ridicule at your wisdom to judge an important decision as this vs that of the great uncle who not only bought a beautiful house but also how it's capital value appreciated in an year to beyond what we can never imagine and life of bliss they are leading now.
The insult does not end here, each time you will call the customer care dept of the company to raise your query (Cause of all the happy things that you have had to face since buying into this project) they will not only be rude, they will make it a point to rub you at the wrong end so hard that you will never wish to call them again. The disdain with which they will open the conversation would help in understanding the direction it would end if you pursued the matter more vigorously, so to save your self from the abusive language you would  agree in disagreement to end the onslaught.
With each passing month, months and years your apprehension, fear, uncertainty will scale new heights but the construction would not keep pace, instead as all monies have been pocketed in first few installments now the work on site would remain stalled for reason best known to the builder. Its not that you do not know the reason, but you will not chose to listen to it as your best interest is not to listen to logic now...cause as already the possession date has been over run by a couple of years, your payment is almost fully gone to the builder and it would not be possible now for you to buy anything in that area or anywhere at the price at which you booked five or six years you do not like to be ERAsed...there is hope against hope that now, this year you would at least get the structure ready and if god forbid, the builder does not complete the project you will  be in a position to get it completed by yourself and start to stay in it.
This Logic would also get a jolt or two when you find out that the builder has converted the Common area that was once sold to you and others( Six Years Back) has been now converted into a Residential has been sold ...and this new towers construction is well ahead of any other tower in the project..and these new customers might get Possession before any one else...So more anxiousness but somewhere relief that if the builder completes the New Tower then he will have enough money to complete ours as well.
The second Jolt can come in many uncertain ways..either in form of increased cost of the apartment which is far from complete...This is result of property appreciation ...the builder will not let you enjoy the cheery n the pie ...cherry will always be your options would be again to weigh carefully, calculate and pay an increased cost on the PROMISE of getting possession within a couple of this time not only your pocket..but your Heart has also had had enough and would be in no position to take another salvo from the Builder,So like a tamed Pigeon the customer will abide by Builders Diktat.
That is the journey of any Home-buyer in NCR...from a proud home buyer to an ERA(sed) Common Man!? When will the guilty get punished? No HOpe with Govt Flip-flopping on policy issues...Really sad for Indians.

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