Thursday, February 28, 2013


Here is the layout plan as presented to the intending allottees of Sector-86, Gurgaon project, which has been christened "Cosmocourt-86" by Era Landmarks (I) Ltd. As the allotment process continues, it reminds of what happened in 2007 with "Redwood Residency" Sec-78, Faridabad, Allottees.

You will not find much difference, same deliberate mis-representation of facts. Closer inspection of the Redwood Residency layout plan as provided in the brochure:-
it can be seen too clearly that  Era has indexed/put legends at most places around the project and has clearly not put any legend on the large track of land (Central area around which all other towers are shown) which is shown in the same tone of green as other areas which have indeed been marked as 8 ( landscaped area). The allottees of this project later were shocked to find that this large piece of land does not belong to this project. Era should have marked area which was not forming the part of the project as "OTHERS LAND", that would have given the true picture of the project into which the intending allottee was going to get allotment. But that is the way ERA operates, make a big Difference, doesn't it.
Now when we see the "Cosmocourt-86" Plan, it is evidently clear that many areas have been left un-indexed, though they have the same green color coding, to give allottees the same visual delight of the project having ample green areas and of future life mist nature. The area shown as green infornt of Block G & B are two examples, across both towers a considerable area is shown without any legends to show for sure, what these areas are meant to be. I would therefore request the intending allottees to kindly get all facts and critical information before you take allotment of your valuable apartments from Era.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Era tie's its customers in knots

Era landmark (I) Ltd, company which propagates high quality real estate development, has been recently exposed in Jaipur where its towers were demolished ( for illegal construction) and than by the central revenue dept. when they raided their offices to recover due service tax for 2012. According to the news published, Era Landmarks gave an amount of 5 crores to settle its dues.

These issues of misappropriation and illegal construction coupled with various problems faced by other consumers of Era's various projects in Faridabad, Palwal and Gurgaon have indeed showed Era to be doing exactly opposite of what it propagates. In Faridabad, both - Redwood Residency and Divine court languish in dust- Redwood was supposed to be handed over in 24 months of date of booking ( which happened in 2006), fact is Era has not even completed construction of all the towers, neither have they build the club or other facilities as promised, Infact they do not have OC from DTCP for even a single tower. Divine court was also to be delivered by Dec,2011..the fate is similar..consumers have paid more than 90% and construction is still not complete. When will these be delivered no one in Era is prepared to commit, the consumers have not only paid their hard earned money but are paying EMI's and rent, Era seems unmoved by the trauma of the consumer.

As if this was not enough, Era launched a lot of projects in Gurgaon over the period of last 3 years, Sec-86, sec-68 and sec-103...consumers of all these projects know, that neither Era has started construction on any of these new sectors nor has it received any sanction from the DTCP for it. Therefore no banks have started funding these projects. In some projects Era has made allotment of flats too ( how can any developer allot a flat when it has no approval), this they have carried out by cleverly covering their footprint with devilish and unconstitutional clauses that mention Era has not received any sanction and the customer is aware of it and further the allotment is only tentative. How can allotment become tentative and how does a builder allot units when it does not have any rights to allot under the Act of 1975??

Further, these consumers of Gurgaon projects have been made to suffer not only by delay in start of construction but also by devious method of extortion adopted by Era to increase the super area of the flat even before allotting the customers their dwelling units. Imagine delay and increase in area happening even before drawings have been approved or construction started, what be the fate of these projects when the construction starts??

Looking at above facts, it is evident that Era has only one motive which is to profiteer, legally and more so illegally at the expense of the consumer, who is caught in a trap laid very beautifully by Era. On the quality of construction, be informed, that when company's intentions are in doubt and it only wants to profit, it fails to deliver quality too..which will be clear if consumers can spare time and visit Faridabad or Palwal where construction is happening.