Thursday, October 4, 2012

Corruption- Play by Asmita Theatre

Corruption - the biggest threat to our society and our nation. The disease that has grown out of control, like Cancer and is today omnipresent in its entirety in all our institutions; that once stood guard to protect the very fabric of our society. This growing menace has helped the rich to get richer and has made poor; poorer. The situation is more alarming  today as most of the people of this country have resigned to fact that nothing will or can be changed, that situation will only get worse going further and the break-down is inevitable. The number of scams reported have increased significantly and so has the financial implication of the scams.India is crumbling under the weight of its distressed citizens, who ultimately are the victims of the corrupt system. This helpless system that does not take care of its citizens; but provides adequate security to the practitioners of corruption, has brought our country on the cross roads. where if things don't change and change fast a big revolution would happen as a consequence of the distressed citizens venting out their anger and frustration. That there are still people who want freedom from the shackles of this disease is the only faint sign that we still have a ray of hope that some day everyone would stand as one to weed this mal-practice out of our system. Here is a video of street play performed by Asmita theatre- written by Shri Arvind Gaur. The title of the play is - CORRUPTION.