Friday, March 9, 2012


Sometimes the news pierces the mind and stops you to think... a science long the age where speed is the only concern who has the time to much to do and so little time...notime...yet, the breeze of the news chills you to think.....and stop.
 A brave man. An IAS officer. Killed for doing his duty. For stopping illegal mining in M.P. They say the mining mafia is-was behind it.
There is public out cry, all news channel are pouring views and debates on this horrendous killing of the man trying to do his duty. Some locals were saying on T.V channels that he was god send person for them as he was trying to demolish the goonda raj that was there before he came and they said that he was successful in bringing the crime rate down....but was this not his duty. He was not doing any one any favour, he was just doing his duty...and was not at all god it not what is supposed to be done by every IAS police officer, to protect and to defend the citizens and its property.
Maybe we have less officers doing their lawful duty that is why the martyr is being referred to GOD-SEND by the local people that they feel now they have lost some-one who would protect and defend them. What a real pity.
We all know there is no law in this country....yes there is for sure a BYE-LAW, which is always adhered too by the law is so much in practice that there exists no other law of the land. Every one swears by the BYE-LAW and they fear it and follow it , cause you can not escape the BYE-LAW. 
when some one comes out against the BYE - LAW...he/she is bulldozed....without fail and we all watch silently and discuss vehemently....The man who stood against the BYE-LAW did his job...the gangster who slained and butchered him did his channel are doing their Job and we are doing ours by discussing and arguing and condoning it vehemently....and yes, we all will go back home and sleep well.....that is also a part of job we all have to, correct.
In our country we have all types of Mafia' mafia, mining Mafia, stone mafia, etc....each state has it, each district has it, therefore the Mafia is represented well....even at the well of the house both of the commons and of the seniors...therefore he, who stands up against any one mafia is infact standing up against the complete set-up, system, from the very TOP to the Grass-roots. Hence he knows his destiny, he knows he is out their to die....he is not afraid to die....he is afraid to be alive while every one around him is dead. His decision is clear and so is the method of the decision, to live to the fullest like no other moment exists. 
Like Narendra who laid his life fighting, there are many more fighting against different faced Mafia's of this magna opus... Our fighters will keep on laying lives as the system is too organized that it comes heavily down on individual fighters...but are these fighters dithered by facts. Really, I do not think so. Guess Narendra has joined the like of his... wish him well for the journey beyond....would soon join you and narrate how i was failed.

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