Sunday, March 4, 2012

Era Landmarks-recent advertisement for Redwood Residency!!

Here is the Advertisement we all were anticipating as brokers have already posted their ads on the web -portals a few months back, so to give these brokers a better and deeper coverage this advertisement was much needed. The Topic was primarily covered by the column last month, titled, " No EMI Till Possession"....There are a few things though that we had not discussed earlier, which have been brought to light by this advertisement.
If you look at the bottom part of the Advertisement....Era has given the license No.-197 obtained for this project in 2007....where as we the public were sold the same in 2006....this fact is not there in this advertisement and towards whom it is targeted....the NEW CUSTOMER would also not know....that the public was sold this residential project more than 5 years ago.....even when the builder/colonizer did not have the very basic licence in its name...and by the time the license was obtained the builder had already taken/received almost 25% of the Basic Selling Price (B.S.P). Further, this Advertisement provides the Approval of Building plans, Memo No.-1736 on 17/04/2008, the fact is that in 2007 itself WITHOUT THE SANCTION OF BUILDING PLANS the Colonizer had allotted flats to the public who had purchased flats in absolute violation of the rule and law of the land.
So those who are hoping to enter a world of Era, please all the tag lines or punch lines in this advertisement are false promises that would never get fulfilled.
Now if we look at the TOP OF THIS ADVERTISEMENT....where the company wants the new customer to believe that the 2/3 BHK flats would be delivered for possession with in 2 months....but when you go to buy from them the agreement would say possession in 2 years......Further, The So Called CLUB....has not even been constructed till date....Therefore No SWIMMING POOL....and no other features that this advertisement tries to lure you to believe, the fact is that the said Township/community is not on a continuous patch of land.....meaning the 10.05 acres of land on which this township is being build is divided by two sector roads and  a third revenue road and as if this was not enough there is a third party land which falls in dead center of the project.....rendering this project totally DIS-INTEGRATED ....therefore no question of this being a Secured Gated Community as the advertisement wants the beleaguered customer to believe.
Hence be cautious in believing such enticements and cacophony of meaningless promises which will never be fulfilled. Study the Sanctioned plan to have a clear idea of the project that would be constructed, follow it up with a site visit to get a real understanding of how this project would look on completion and also so that you can judge for your self the real time it would take to colonizer to complete the project. which would not be before 2013, as per the progress of work that has been going on for last 6 years.

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