Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Which Era is Era landmarks living In

Here again I share a complaint posted by one of the consumers of Era Landmarks Ltd  on a website to showcase the plight of the beleaguered customer of one of the projects of this colonizer. It seems the more you know or find out about this company the more certain you are that there are bigger discrepancies, this company has been engaged in rather than the business of construction and development. Please read the matter carefully!!!!!!!
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ERA Landmarks India Ltd

Ravi Singh  Send email on Dec 17, 2010
Which Era is Era landmarks living In
Pathetic, ugly and most callous in which Era treated its customers who approached the office to talk to the Era management about their grievances. The group members of Era Divine court sector-76, when reached the gate of Era landmarks office in noida sector-3, They were greeted with goons and goonda's outside the main gate and were not allowed to get inside the building to talk to the senior management regarding their queries. It should be noted that before going to the office the group had written numerous times to the management regarding their grievances and since no reply had come from Era's side they then decided to go in person to talk it out with them.
But Era had positioned some ten goons on the gate who prevented this group to go inside stating that there was no one inside from the office who could listen to them. It was office hours at 16:00 hrs, the office was vacant how can that be possible. But the gaurds did nopt listen even tried to use rough langaguage and man handled members of the group. There was more in numbers stationed inside aswell to prevent any member inside the office complex...DOES ANY COMPANY BEHAVE WITH ITS OWN CUSTOMERS LIKE THIS...WHICH ERA IS ERA LIVING!!!..This is serious thing to do...what trust can you have now...The management instead of answering the grievances of the customers is willing to get physical now...This is the intregity of the company and its commitment towards its own customers. For an hour the members were made to stand outside in the sun on a lousy pretext that NO ERA LANDMARKS OFFICIAL is inside the building where as the same were peeping through the glass doors and windows and enjoying the drama or plight of innocent customers.
This behaviour is proof enough of the real intentions of the management of ERA Landmarks. This complaint is to protest in most strong manner the use of force and help of goons that the Era landmarks resorted to yesterday when customers only went to talk about their issues regarding their residential projects status. This is no way of treating us..Era landmarks and this also will go a long way in damaging any thread of trust that was left in the customers mind.


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