Sunday, May 30, 2010

Era LAndmarks Irregularity one after the other!!!!

Another blot on Era Landmarks, this time its the Divine Court, low rise independent floors that will face the heat more, as it is that project was being divinely slaughtered by Era's high handed attitude. To Damage its reputation further, it has been brought to light that Era Landmarks even does not have the licence of this project in its name. God knows how they are constructing and selling floors to people without valid documents in their name. There is no clarity in Era's transactions, its a clear case of cheating at a mass level.
But does Era Landmarks stops at doesn't, without even a proper licence, it sells and starts constructing the floors, that's why it quietly demolishes the park that it had shown in its earlier project brochure and sells 44 new floors. Era Landmarks had earlier admitted that it did not have till date, the necessary BUILDING PLAN APPROVAL......THE QUESTION IS HOW CAN THEY HAVE IT....NOW THAT WE KNOW THAT THEY EVEN DON'T HAVE A LICENCE....what does this all mean for a layman, who is also a consumer of this project...That to have Building plan sanction and approval, they would first have to get a valid licence for the project. If Era Landmarks has not been able to get that till date, then god forbid, they might not get it only, but will keep taking money from you for a totally illegal building, in the guise of the Buyer seller agreement.
Beware poor customer, stop paying up further, as this buyer seller agreement does not hold any legal value, under the above stated facts. No developer can start construction or marketing of apartments unless he takes proper legal and mandatory clearances from nodal agencies.
I would recommend that Divine Court Group, takes legal recourse. Takes a stay on construction activity of Era Landmarks, until it provides sufficient proofs to the court of its legal status and does not give the park back to its consumers.

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