Friday, May 28, 2010

Era Landmarks Palwal quest also a disaster

This is to highlight the plight of The Customers of Era Landmarks, Palwal project that was started under the Name Of Carnation at sector-8. Now even after almost three years the company has only been able to give allotment of plots that were sold in pre-launch. It has been brought to our notice that there are several reasons for them delaying this project of the Major one is that Era still has to get govt clearances. Era has hurriedly given allotment Three or four months back to pacify the investors and to show that Era is working on the project and has not left it in doldrums like its earlier projects in NCR.Reality is that the banks have still not okayed to finance this project. How could they when all statutory clearance and approvals are not in place. Is it not a case of fooling unaware customer, to have alloted them plots without getting the neccassary approvals. Now under the buyer-seller agreement, the customer is caught in a legal trap, illegally.

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