Friday, May 21, 2010

andhERA down the road

All along through this blog we have been trying to tell every consumer of Era Landmarks of the fraud that has been going on since last four years. They have sold atleast eight projects in NCR (residential) in this time and there isn't a single one that is free from legal land issues, delayed construction, arbitrary clauses, restrictive and unethical trade practices.
Era landmarks is fortunate, that in India, there is no regulator for REAL ESTATE. Hence Era feels free to multiply its profit by pre-launching new project with false claims and promises to unaware and ignorant public. Then the company, utilizes this money to dupe with new schemes else where or to utter astonishment at the same site. Everytime the guy who is robbed is the common man, where as Era peacefully pockets a cool profit to keep its books bloated.
In this fashion Era has continued to grow, with no project yet near completion, the poor customers have been made to suffer , with no place to turn for justice. This capricious high handed attitude of Era has led us to believe that there is no difference between Era and other fraudsters like Triveni infrastructure, Pal Group, zion infrastructure and Nitishree developers. who have similarly sold thousands of apartments in and around NCR, and duped common people of their dream home and vanished in thin air.
To savegaurd our future and the dream home, we have but no choice then to come together and pressurize Era to fulfill its commitements. It is a proven fact that united we stand and divided we fall. Every single customer of REDWOOD RESIDENCY is welcome to join this group, so that collectively we can raise our concerns and get our promised dream home.

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