Monday, May 17, 2010

Era in double trouble

Era is slowly and gradually getting into more trouble, its mask of a reputed builder is getting tarnished beyond repair, by its own undoing. There had to come a time when their lies had to come out in the open, so it has happened. It would now be really impossible for the company to face its ugly face and sell any other project in NCR. Era sold its projects in Meerut (plots and villas,possession still a far away dream even after five years), Palwal (plots , more then three years ago, possession time could be anyones guess), Redwood residency in Faridabad( flats sold four years back, possession--toss a coin, and hope it never lands to find out which side is up), Palwal ( flats on the high way sold again three years ago...same fate), Faridabad sector-76( don't know what happened to the plight of customers of luxury apartments, called Haywood) Budget Homes or Divine court in Faridabad again sector-76( about 800 independent floors sold, with malicious marketing and promise of delivery in two flat years, almost a year has gone by and the customers of this project are already thinking of gong to the courts), Gurgaon, a very brilliant plan of a high rise complex of aprox 40 acres, lying in dust with some sixty customers stuck for the last two years. Am hearing that they are going to scrape and sell divine court like independent flats, now.
The caricature is already drawn, the clown that started singing thinking people will always remain fools, will finally see its own end was being scripted all this while. Naturally with a heavy and an appropriate penalty.

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