Monday, May 24, 2010

Sad but true!!!

Its indeed very painful to know that there are folks who have purchased in the same project at an exorbitant rate from ERA Landmarks (INR1900 per sqft) appox 600 more then most who bought at prelaunch, in fact that means appox 6lakhs to 9lakhs more depending on the size of the apartment that they have booked. also as they have booked later with Era their agreement states the date of possession as late 2011.
On all counts this very clearly validates our view point that this project will be delayed by atleast 2 more years. Second it shows all of us the reason for slow work on the site, Era is deliberately going slow so that they can sell off their remaining flats to other ignorant buyers at a higher rate before they actually finish anykind of work, so that no one is able to find out that the park they are so aggressively marketing, is not going to be a part of the project. Once they have sold all available flats they can easily complete the project and wash their hands of any claims on the central park.
It is both cruel and sad, that in todays world and that too in Delhi, they can cheat so many people and yet stay clear from any controversy or damages. Very easily they can change their original claims and people have no recourse available to take Era to task. Seriuosly I don't think Era can get away with this fraud so easily, there are a thousand ways in we all can ensure that Era respects its original plans and gives us all that it promised. Provided we come out and make this a large group, then collectively we can be as big a force as Era is today. WE sure then can dictate Era our terms and it will have to bend, but if we let them do what they are so good in doing(cheating)then we will surely, let them eat our cake and we will also be paying for it. what can be more worse then this.

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