Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Era Landmarks Redwood Residency project

We are a group of people who have come together for the sole purpose of salvaging our hard-earned investment and also to make general public aware of the perils of booking homes with unscrupulous and unprofessional developer Like ERA LANDMARKS.Four years since we booked our apartments with them(approx700 flats) there has been no clarity whatsoever on what Era will finally deliver,1) When will we get our apartments possession?2) What is the status of the central park land- by when will the developer finally get the land from the third party?3) If they had not got the land then at the time of booking why was that piece of land not marked "others land", in the brochure. Isn't it a deliberate attempt to miss-represent the facts and induce end users on materially incorrect and false documents?4) As Era is already late in construction....what will be the penalty that they will pay us?5) How have they calculated the penalty structure?6)Is the developer allowed to arbitrarily decide on the penalty clause or their is statutory guidelines that have to be followed?7) How did Era start construction work and demanded installments from customers when it did not have the building plan approvals for sector-78 from the concerned regulatory authorities?8) As all money collected prior to the sanctions is illegal, will Era give interest on the money it took in advance?These are some of the questions that we want answers on from Era Landmarks.Unfortunately it does not believe in sharing Information with its own clients hence we have been forced to get together and voice our concerns through this platform.This is also a part of my complain to the Honourable President Of India and the Department of Consumer Affairs. Would request all group members to send their complains on the link provided. Thanks.

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