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Era Landmarks has since 2006 launched in different parts of NCR Eight residential projects which suffer the same fate where the consumer is suffering and Era is merrily enjoying the booty. we start with the first project launched by Era in 2006.

The project was launched in March 2006 in sec-88 Faridabad on 25 Acres of land. This land still belongs to Era, but after a year of launch Era decided arbitrarily to shift the project to sec-78, Faridabad and allotted units to consumers by way of inducements of 4 acre park in the center and semi-luxurious build up flats with all modern facilities of club with Jacuzzi etc on a 10.5 acre group housing scheme. After 7 years of launch the consumers are still to get possession of the basic flats as Era once again has changed the specifications of the flats from semi-luxurious to basic, the Central Park is nowhere in the picture now as that land was never part of the project, the club and all modern facilities are a distant dream for all consumers. After 7 long years the what has the consumer got...NOTHING EXCEPT FOR EMPTY PROMISES.


These two projects were sold in 2007, Green World was sold as plotted colony whereas Divine court was sold as highrise group housing colony. The licence for Green world was obtained in 2009, after a delay of 2 years and layout plan was sanctioned in 2010. By 2010 the company had promised possession. the fact is that even till date the possession has not been offered. Moreover Era has sold Villas and Independent Floors in this township without any approvals from the competent Authority. There are also certain patches of land that is not in its possession but has deliberately misled the consumers by showing a layout plan wherein excess to its project is encumbrance free.
Similarly the Divine court consumers who were sold a group housing scheme were later forced to accept change in the character of the township from highrise to independent floor. from 2007 to 2013 the consumers are still patiently waiting to get delivery of their floors for which they have been paying since long.


This is was first foray of Era in the high market area of Gurgaon. This project has seen more downs than ups. the initial project was scrapped thereafter independent floors was proposed that too was scrapped. Then came the two projects for which Era did get the licenses. one of the license was recently cancelled due to non-payment of edc by era. it is pertinent to note that Era has collected huge amounts from consumers of this project. Construction is withheld, no banks have disbursed any loans on this project, no building plans have been approved by authority. Consumers are in total spot as they do not know the future of their investments and are going to Era's offices to seek redressal but does Era care...has it shown any concern to make good all the promises it has made...NO.


Launched since 2007 but was scrapped and relaunched in new avatar in 2009 as independent floor. Possession was to happen in 2011. No possession till date as construction still not complete. Moreover the fact that Era till date has no License from the Authorities to construct has led the consumers to take action. The Consumers have formed an RWA and approached the Commissioner of Police, Faridabad and lodged their complaint. the matter has been referred to the EOW (ECONOMIC OFFENCE WING) of the department. The MD was called by the investigating officer and instead of showing a license the MD handed over a Bilateral agreement between BPTP and ERA wherein BPTP the licensee has agreed to let Era sale, construct and market, approx. 26 acres of land in its licensed area of approx. 55.98 Acres.  Proving very clearly that Era does not follow the laws of the land instead is violating every rule, provision, regulation and conditions to gain at the expense of the consumers.


This was launched with much fan fare as a 100 Acre township...those who bought the propaganda regret the it turns out that Era had license for mere 10.44 Acres Approx and thereafter in 2012 got another license for 10.92 Acres. Era in the meanwhile has sold three phases in this project, has made allotments to phase-1 & 2 consumers, started construction by way of excavation only in phase-1. The banks have still not started disbursement, many consumer to whom allotment has been made have not received BBA's from the company, there is news that some part of the land has been sold to Ansal giving nightmares to its customers short in last two -three years nothing much has happened on the project that would give some relief to its consumers that their investments are safe and that they would get there flats in time.


Thousands of consumers got trapped into a very attractive plotted scheme offered by Era. The situation today is very grim...even after 2.5 Years Era has not agreed to fulfill any of the obligations it was supposed to, leaving consumers to run from pillar to post to save guard their lives saving.  Some consumers have approached the EOW (Delhi) some are invoking the media to cover their plight.  


The factual matrix is not any different in this residential scheme from any other of the companies other projects. The same story is being repeated here as well. The company has in last two years done what ever wrong it could do...the land on which the project was to come and for which Era did get license was sold to Ansal, leaving the company with only 7 Acres Approx land for which it does not have license. Yet it went ahead with Allotment on this very land. in process accommodating approx 350 consumers with allotment and keeping other in wait for phase-2 to get underway soon. NO meaningful construction has started, no Bank is funding this project, but to make matters worse, the area of the apartments of the consumers have already been increased substantially and approx 32.5% of the basic cost has already been collected by Era on this increased area....The question is what has the Consumer got after making huge payments...JUST A BUNCH OF PROMISES!!

It is evident from what is happening in the eight projects of Era in NCR, that Consumers are being taken for a ride, illegalities are being committed with disdain and with total contempt of the law. The consumer is left with no choice but to knock the door of judiciary.

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