Wednesday, March 13, 2013


What is more important the means or the end. There has been a constant debate whether the means to the end are more important then the end itself or whether its the end result which is more pervasive and important and means can be ignored and forgotten. While we can keep debating it, we have seen many a times the past shows a direct correlation between the present and future of the civilization/individual/ company. Here we are narrowing down to just one company named M/s Era Landmarks (India) Ltd, which is a service provider to thousands of us. Its track record is what is a matter of past. It has a devious record, where it has been found wanting in all and every sphere of over all development and fulfillment of its promises and obligations. Be it the case of Redwood Residency in sector-78, Divine court in sector-76 Faridabad, Skyville in sector-68, Gurgaon, Cosmocity in sector-103 Gurgaon or its project in sector-86 Gurgaon.
Everywhere the customers are forced to cough up more then agreed amounts, for facilities which keep diminishing with the slow rate of development work. For example Redwood Residency, was first sold in 2006 as project to come in sec-88, which within an year was changed to sector-78, thereafter the layout plan sold to intending allottees was changed- new tower was brought in and the 4 acre green park land disappeared miraculously to be later learnt through the sanctioned layout plan that it never existed in the plan in the first place, so did other facilities like semi-luxurious extra, for which the customer had paid.
In last seven years the development of this project is pathetic, out of the sanctioned 6 towers the company has been able to roughly complete work in half of just two towers and has started offering possession to people of these two towers, The community center work has still not started, parks are a distant dream for the people who will pay for possession in this month and they have been told that they would get possession only in May. A maintenance charge for an year is being slapped on them @ Rs. 2.60 Per Sq. ft. where no facilities exist on as of now, Further the Area has been increased by 50 Sq. ft where no addition to the land has happened. Does the customer get anything in return for his money even after 7 long years, only thing that Era dishes out is one way of cheating extra amount from its customer with out providing anything in return. Therefore the sum total is that Era Gains on each step for the means adopted by them are only to advance their interest over the interest of the consumers.
Many a times I have tried to show through the blogs the intention of the company from how it has behaved in the past with its customers. Customers of Era in Gurgaon were very skeptical and found the argument delusional. The bases was always in the means, the means employed by Era have always been towards advancing their own interests with scant regard for its contractual obligation towards its customers. They have been taking their customers, most unfortunate lot, for a ride, I would go to the extent of saying that Era is cheating with sole purpose to gain at its customers expense. The example of Redwood, Divine court and Jaipur and now Sec-68 in Gurgaon are many examples to prove the point.
Sec-68 License was granted to Era in 2008, Please see Snap shot of the DTCP webpage which clearly says the license has been Rejected by the directors order, numerous customers have bought their dream homes as per promise of Era in this project and Era has collected huge amounts from these customers, yet has failed to deposit the EDC demanded by the DTCP/HUDA for this project. Not only did ERA fail to deposit the EDC for this project it has failed to pay EDC as demanded in almost all its project, if you all remember Era was raided by Central Revenue Dept. for evading the service tax dues for 2012, these issues highlight the need for urgent action on part of all the customers of Era to seriously think of joining hands and sharing a common platform to save guard their lives saving against the unscrupulous developer, Era. The company has illustrious history of employing devious means therefore the end would always be grave and writ with despair and pain for the customers. Gandhi always put stress on pure means to reach to a higher end, he showed to our world that means are more important then the end result.
Certainly this will not be the end of wrong doings of Era, certainly they would go on committing more such offences but if ,we as customers are aware of our rights, we can enforce proper, transparent mechanism to reign in Era's unfair trade practice and deficiency of service and force Era to adopt equitable policies which do not hurt the interest's of the customers. Hope customers from all Era projects would come forward and get united and seek fairer means adopted by Era so as to save guard consumer interests. The end would certainly depend on the means!!!


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  3. The information about Era skyville sector 68 is very useful.. However as i can see in the DTCP current list 177, the cancellation of licence is withdrawn and it states licence valid til 2014. So which one is correct pls as i hv a unit in the said project

  4. Its a fact that the License has been reinstated as Era deposited the outstanding EDC amounts for which the license was cancelled. for more news on sector 68, you can view..

    Take care!!