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Era Landmarks: where do the Customers Go!!

Here is a message by one of the allottees of Era Landmarks project in sector-103 Gurgaon, on IREF:-

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ERA is still hot in resale, i guess
i had exited from era in 2013, but one thing I must mention is that they have pathetic customer care(noida,main).they are not at all transparent,very callous attitude.. they do underhand dealings...false commitments . As an investment i 'think it is not bad, but
one should have nerves of steel, if needed to deal with them
Agreed and my addition is they will never complete the project....
I bought one unit in 2011 in phase 2. Waited for 1 year for the start of construction. Since i got this bad feeling due to the problem in sector 68 project i tried to sale it in 2012. Got the deal struck at 3650 with a dealer who wanted to sale it further but couldn't for one month so he left the deal in between and i moved on. Since then i tried real hard and got the deal struck again in 2013 about 75 rs above than the last one. Successfully done that deal i took a sigh of relief. Now see the thing i can purchase it again at 3600 or 3650 which was the price in mid 2012 and is maintaining the same price this year as well.
Well i dont have any intention to purchase it as i dont want to get frustrated again.

One Customer is talking about the callous attitude of Era Landmarks Customer Care and the other one is informing how he sold out his investment after 2 years which he can re-enter (God forbid!!!) at the same rate as it was in 2012.

What is wrong with properties under construction or sold by Era Landmarks, do every home buyer trying to purchase flat with other builder also faces the same uncertainty, is it industry practice to frustrate the home-buyer, do all builders deprive its customers factual information, do all builders use deceptive techniques to lure buyers to purchase their residential schemes and then gain at their expense????? or are customers of ERA LANDMARKS facing some special treatment??

From evidence available, it seems that the latter is true. In Delhi and NCR alone around 6 lakh flats, plots & Independent floors are at varying stages of completion or construction. Number of Builders have multiple projects underway, its true that most Builders are committing, in some of their projects some type of irregularity or other, but with ERA in all its project the customers are suffering. In all projects of Era, in and around NCR, its property in the secondary market is the cheapest among other builders in that Area. For instance in a place like Neharpar, when Era launched its scheme the going rate of other builders were 1350 per sq. ft today they have jumped to around 4000 per sq. ft. where as Era is available at 2600 approx, which was also sold at same rate as projects of other builders at that time. what is the market discounting. Does Era construct inferior  homes..can not say...then why the discount..only reason understandable is that they do not deliver facilities that others do, they change locations/lay-out plans, convert green areas into additional towers, delay construction, do not have approvals like license, building plan approvals etc.... that's why the discount. also they deliver last when in all other projects 100% occupancy has been achieved. 

Which brings us to another serious question, the question of delivery of the homes. We know Era has around 8 projects in NCR. The Oldest where possession has so far not been offered is Redwood Residency, it has taken them 7 years to construct just 9 towers in an area of 10.5 wonder that construction of club has not even started, further there is no green area in the said project. What do you think would be quality of life of the residents?? moreover the project is not even continuous, it is divided from all sides by three roads. Naturally all these facts were not revealed by Era at the time of sale of the project to its customers. Therefore the customers feel cheated and that is reason why Era does not have any knowledgeable argument to give to its customer when they call and that's the reason why they resort to callous behavior with their clients. To further add to the illegalities, Era does not pay authorities its dues which is promptly collected from the customers, which further delays the projects and adds to the cost of the customers as Era forces them under coercion to pay or face cancellation. 

Faced with callous customer care who does not bother to satisfy the query of the customers, the customer is finally forced to seek justice through the legal system in place. That is why, when after years of talking and meetings with senior executives of Era failed, the  Customers of Divine Court were left with no option but to file Criminal complaint against Era for illegalities committed and filed complaint with the Director General, Town & Country Planning, Haryana. Similarly, Customers of Red Wood Residency have also filed Consumer cases as well as Criminal complaint. Consumers of 104 sector have been driven on the verge of filing their complaints as neither Era has provided them the plots nor has compensated them as promised. Consumer of Palwal project have also filed consumer case and criminal complaint, same I guess would be the procedure adopted by other consumer groups as for how long would their patience last. After all, home purchase requires considerable amounts and no one would want their lives saving to go down like this.

Take care and pray that Era mends its ways so that other projects and its consumers do not suffer the same fate!!!

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