Saturday, September 28, 2013

Era Landmarks: You will be forced to believe in the difference!!

Its no easy task to cheat consumers at each stage of each project, to carry out such large scale scam that too within NCR region and around, with aplomb and panache; speaks volumes of the enterprise "ERA LANDMARKS" and its efficient Employees. One Builder has the stamina and stomach to grab thousands of Indian middle class persons money, and no one even raises a finger. How is this happening, who is helping him unleash fraudulent schemes in the name of dream housing, why isn't the Govt. Departments getting to the root of this fraud, why is media quite when on other issues it is so vocal and unforgiving, many questions to which maybe we might not be able to get answers yet. However, lets see what the situation on ground is.. we start first with the millennium city, where Era has sold 4 projects till date and if you start counting these in number of phases...then you will need more fingers then what I have...


In sector-103, project sold by Era to intending allottees as Plots in January 2012. an Agreement Executed, which said that if the company can not give possession or allotment of the said plot within 18 months of the day of the booking it would refund the money so collected with an interest of 9%. The story thereafter is no different from others, therefore easy to believe.. see what a consumer has posted on Icomplaints portal..

Era landmarks was giving advt in the newspaper and internet about their township in Gurgoan Sector-103 by the name Cosmos City. I contacted them thorugh their official dealer V S Realtor India Pvt Lt Mr Vijay jha and come to know they are also launching plots in that area for which I paid 60% of the plot value and was issued receipt from their office. I paid this entire amount through my Canara Bank NRE account. They made an agreement on Rs 100 stamp paper that if they fail to provide the said plot within 18 months, they will refund the money with interest after that. As they failed to give me plot as agreed I asked them in writing to refund the amount but they failed so far. I have given this written request to them on 13th June 2013 but they are giving all the excuses. I owe them about Rs 75 Lakhs.
My customer code with Era Landsmarks is 047/S0013 with respect of GDEP/103/133 for Gurgaon plots. 
I need my hard earned money back as I a retired man now but see that I have to fight a lengthy battle with them to get my money back, which I am forced to do now.
Hereby requested the Era landmarks management and VS Realtors, to see the writing on the wall and mind , this is the hard earned money by me which they are holding beyond the agreed terms and conditions which will force me to take all the available legal options at my end which will ultmately spoil our relationship.
New Delhi

...The story of other allottees of this project is similar, they are trying hard to get refund..but Era is not listening. Why..why is it not fulfilling its contractual obligation, if it has the land and the license why does it not deliver on the promises.. the important question is does ERA have land and license in its name.. I wonder, as I was not able to get any license record on the TCP website for a plotted colony in any builders name since 2009 to 2013, in sector-103.


Year 2006, when Era sold hundreds of plots to gullible consumers. These valuable consumers have started receiving letters from Era that the plan for the project has changed and now (after 7 long Years) the company is launching Group Housing Scheme instead of the Plotted colony. Infact Era is forcing them to convert their booking to flats in the GH scheme that too at the prevalent market rate....Rahul Gandhi..would have said, "What Nonsense"!! But we are not him and can not afford the grandstanding!! below is verbatim manuscript of a consumer complaint of this very project and here i would like to inform you all, that some consumers of this project have already filed police complaints in Bhadurgarh police station as well.. yet the builder is not willing to budge from his arrogant stand..

We booked a plot measuring 300 sq. yds in pre launch project at Bahadurgarh (Haryana) of Era Infrastructure India Limited (now Era Landmarks India Limited) in year 2006 but since then there was no allotment done by the builder on the ground of some legal clearances but we were being assured that they would be launching the project soon.
Now we got a letter dated 02-Jul-2013 from the builder that they are offering us the Flat but on today's prevailing rates and size as per our paying capacity.

We sent a few letters asking for the reason behind this as this is unethical and a fraud with the consumer but the builder is not responding on this.

My details are:
Himanshu Bansal
Mobile: 9818040756
Two projects sold as plots.. both undelivered after years of booking.. will they meet the same fate.. no one except Era, knows the reality. Why is Era doing this, why not a single project sold by Era is delivered the way it is promised and on time, is Era not concerned at all about its relation with consumers, is it consumers fault that they believe the difference and get associated with their projects.. again too many questions which may remain unanswered, as the consumers suffer and are forced to believe in the difference of a new reality every time they go to Era's office for answers......which change with every season...but the consumers suffering does not!!!


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    1. I am also one of those unfortunate guys who trusted Era Group and became the victim of their Fraught. I had deposited 25% of Flat value ( 3- stage pyt) for a flat in Cosmocity Sector 103, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon.
      they had allotted me a Flat in one of the 9 Towers at Floor of my Choice. It is after 3.5 years, I had been now informed that they had cancelled the scheme and asked me to choose among other scheme of Era Group at current Booking rates.
      This is a clear cut case of Fraud, I wish to join a Group of customers who are fighting with the company for this kind of Crimes and getting unpunished for Committing Frauds with the Public. Era Management does seems to be afraid of Law, may be they have created Financial muscles but are not taking a note that Even person like Sahara can be jailed for such Frauds with Public.

  3. you are absolutely right in your assessment that Era Landmark has dubious distinction of being the only developer in NCR.. who has made thousands of consumers suffer..Gurgaon, Noida, Bahadurgarh, Faridabad, Palwal or Jaipur ..every where its the same story of cheating & Fraud..unless we get together we can never get justice. I second your thought of joining forces together, to create a platform from where we can fight for our rights. Thanks

  4. Cosmocity at Sector 103 Gurgaon, EraLandmark has booked residential flats 4 years back.
    I am also one of many who booked flat with them in 2011, they had taken 25% payments in three stages and after deposit of 25% cost of Flat, they had issued me an allotment letter giving the Tower number, Floor number and Flat number. They had also called all their alottees at site in Sector 103 and shown the complete layout Tower wise details etc. at this time they took agreement signed by each allottee and said that after duly signed by the Authorised person in the Company they shall send this agreement back to Allottees for record .
    It is now more than 2 years since they have been dodging that they shall send the agreement shortly.
    A week back ,I had received a letter from they that the Scheme has been cancelled due to some reasons and asked option to swith over to another Era Group Project before 31st August or they shall cancel this booking and refund the payments which was deposited with them since past 3.5 Years. It is almost impossible to get in touch with them over phone but when I could speak to them they replied that they are ready to switch to another Era group Scheme at the current rate applicable for new booking.
    Its a Height of Audacity, on one side they had done the fraud with Hundreds of Alottees and used their money for past 4 years by diverting to other Businesses and now are dictating too.
    Through this Block< I request learned people to guide , If this case is fit for IPC420 or Company law violation for conducting Crimnal offence.

  5. Dear,

    I am also a victim of ERA (ADEL) landmarks limited, I have booked a 3BHK flat in 2011 in Sec 86 and after waiting long for allotment. I had aske dfor refund.

    All the cheques have bounced and ERA / ADEL is not taking any action or keeping us any promise.

    I want to take a legal action so please suggest.

    harpreet singh