Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ERA LANDMARKS not only Cheats but threatens aswell

Dear Friends,

Please find the link of the latest ZEE BUSINESS debate on TV where in panelist discuss the issues relating to ERA LANDMARKS methods of cheating its consumers. The Builders on the show put all the onus of finding facts with regards to legal sanctity of project on to the consumers, without considering the fact that the builder is responsible  as well, if he is providing wrong facts or not providing facts by procrastinating, then he should be held liable for fraud and put behind bars. So that other such unscrupulous elements dread using the same or similar modus operandi to cheat citizens of the nation.


Do write in your feed back, so that the same can be presented to the channel. Take care and God Bless!!


  1. Thats why the Anchor told that "Ek to Chori uper se seena jori"

  2. It was very good debate ! It should be presented to other channels also

  3. WIll Try.. in the mean time you can play a role by posting the link of this blog on to Myfaridabad and your piyush group.. so that we can spread the awareness about the mal-practices of the builder.

  4. All Video have been posted in Myfaridabad.in forum and Dheerajjain ji has made a seperate point;

    Everybody has appreciated the effort.

  5. Thanks, appreciate the kind words. Take care!!

  6. Very good Job but simultaneously it is also true that this corruptest govt will not do anything to stop such illegal activities by the builders.

  7. yes you are right.. therefore the onus is on us to get the system to recognize the various methods these unscrupulous builders adopt to cheat the common man. The courts should also understand that the compensation paid for these unfair trade practice is only notional solace and not effective way to curb such mal-practices. this can only happen when there is a debate on such issues within the society.

  8. Era is not a clear company at all....
    They owe money to their investor in Gurgaon Comos City Sector 103 project.
    Please revert all the customers who are being cheated by this company.

  9. Dear Anil,

    According to the limited data i have.. there are about 8400 flats/plots/shops/office sold by Era to gullible allottees.. some where they do not have land to build what they promised, some where they have prime land, but the shift the project to inferior sector to dupe allottees, somewhere they have not paid EDC therefore the layout plans have not been sanctioned and that is why no bank loan, somewhere after getting the license on the land they have sold the licensed land... so the script is long.. but the pattern is same!!

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