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Here's a little journey as to how corrupt rule and how Innocent customers of our great mother land are cheated in the name of selling, the dream of a shelter under which they will be secure and protected from the vagaries of the outside world. Instead from the time they are sold the same their problems take birth and the protective cover is stolen from over their heads. See how, the Company called ERA through its Realtors starts selling to people, flats in SECTOR-86, GURGAON, for which, how much land the company has got the customers are not even aware till 2012. Its not that at the time of booking the Realtors did not boast about the Acreage of the project, but nothing was put forth in black n white before the it begins with paying the BOOKING AMOUNT on the assurance that within few months the Company will start construction and allot the apartments and till that time the customer is not suppose to pay any single paisa to the company. The Customer waits patiently for the allotment to happen...and when time keeps passing away without anyone of the commitment being met, the Customer starts to go to the builder ( where he is fed one story) than to the Realtor (who plants another one) and when stories do not add to any progress the Customer starts using the technological innovation of posting queries on net to form a group of people who have invested in the same project and are going through same pain and nervousness. all this process takes time and the real eruptions happen when one of the members goes to the project site and comes back to inform all....

Visited the area yesterday. Developments are quite encouraging. Could not go to specific area since broker who was wid me said that land of era is not clear as yet. That is why it is Still so cheap. Overall development is good in terms of roads, open areas etc
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THE LAND IS NOT CLEAR....after almost 1.5 years of paying to the company, knowing fully well that the company has clearly said that all clearances have been taken, Now I GET TO KNOW this..what does this mean..what happens to my house now...what happens to the money I have paid...after 1.5 years now where will I find another apartment....the rates have gone up, how will I afford house somewhere else????????

"Land is not clear as yet"? Do this mean that land is disputed? i checked
with Era few times and they told me that there is no issues with land. 

immediately there is relief, a customer from the group has checked that the land is with the company...But than why is there so much of delay, why does the company not allot, why does the company not start construction, why does the company on its website still SAYING LAUNCHING SOON...SEC-86, when the fact is that it has already been sold...why there is so much of misinformation?????????

I too had a word with Nidhi/Shivani from ERA in this regard. They are just company executives speaking theoretical things. Nobody had idea why Ansals put flag on their land & even they dont know where the land is. They just said come to office and we will show you LOI of this land. Asked them to give me no. of Vikrant Gupta but nobody did, neither he was available on his ext. Some says that land is of 11-15 acres, other says 22 acres. Some says its Group housing, other says township. Era Executives themselves not clear about anything. i checked license info for sector-86, on  , it did not show for ERA but it has name of ansal. 

Now the Dormant customer group has become hyper active; everyone is writing what they have got to share, HOW DID ANSAL come into picture, instead of any clarity now more confusion reigns; IF ERA has LOI and other clearances why is it not starting construction, what is the size of the township????

Hello Group
I tried reaching them since last three days & had difficulty to get connected to Vikranth.Yesterday & before that  i was able to speak to different people there(Akanksha,Nidhi & someone else) & everytime I got different answers which were not justified at all. I took phone no. of Nidhi(7428663301) & she promised to revert back to me on this which never happened, Today again when I called on this no. it is switched off. Finally after lot of efforts I got sucess & could speak to Vikrant, he explained me that some of land has been sold to Ansal & that land is only covered by them where as if you travel some more distance ERA boards has covered their site.But to see this someone has to go by walk as roads are not built there yet & only walking is only option to reach there.(Mr. Sarvapreet could put some highlight on this as he recently visited there, otherwise some else can go there & see if this is true or not). Moreover Vikrant told me that Licence is not issued in ERA's Name & if someone could visit noida office then he is ready to show license documents in some other company name.Since I no more live in India so I would request someone to go & meet Vikrant to see if they have valid license papers. Their Marketing guy name is Sahid(7428302614) who never picks his call may put some highlight so please keep trying to check our luck. Vikrant also told me this project is going on slow pace & will take 4~5 months to launch.

 see how the company and its staff is trying to divert the attention of the customer and how they all are giving varied answers, only after being chased down. No one wants to share the numbers of their seniors in the builders office( Cause of reasons that can be best understood by ERA CULTURE ALONE). Finally VIkrant Gupta, tells that the builder has sold part of the land to ANSAL...BUT WHY and HOW COULD THEY SELL first to me and than sell what was sold once to me to another person/entity without informing me and taking my consent for the same? WHAT KIND OF COMPANY IS THIS? IF VIKRANT Knows under which name has the builder acquired the LICENCE than why is he not sharing the name of that company, Why does he wants the customer to come all the way from his house to know the name of the company in whose name the license is ??? More over he can scan the LICENCE document and other relevant documents and mail it to the customer..CAN HE NOT???? WHAT is GOing ON!!???

Hello Guys , We should appreciate Sachin Dua for spending his valuable time to Visit ERA & getting this Information. Sachin, Unfortunately this is made up story by ERA Group GM, to validate this statement I did made a call to one of my Uncle in India who is very Senior Govt. of India official in New Delhi & he provided me Sector -86 Ansal Project In charge phone No. I called Ansal project In charge to find out whether they are coming under collaboration in sector 86 or there is something else cooking up, He provided me following Information.
a) They are coming in collaboration with Samyak & definitely not with ERA.
b) Ansal's License is applied with Samyak & pending for approval with DTCP.
c) ERA has sold their land to Samyak who is coming in collaboration with Ansal.
Another reason explained by that GM is really funny that their License for sector 86 got rejected because Haryana govt. has allotted license to them for other projects.With same reason how come DLF,Ansal, BPTP & various other builders are building their so many townships. Their is something fishy & questioning again and again safety of our money.I would request to everyone who so ever is in India should come together & meet ERA folks to conclude some thing productive.

See how stories have been planted and customers being taken for a classic ride. Simply amazing how ERA can do this repeatedly, project after project; DUPE PEOPLE OF THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY. now there was collaboration happening which thankfully got sorted out courtesy call to ANSAL. BEst was that Haryana Govt is not allowing ERA to get licence as it has applied for so many..MAYBE THE REAL REASON IS SOMETHING ELSE; WHY DOESN'T VIKRANT TELL THAT...??? 

Hi Sarapreet,

I along with a friend of mine visited they Noida office on Saturday and we repeatedlly asked for proper documents but they were not very keen in showing that. Finally they told the person is on leave today and will come to office on Monday. I am trying to reach that person from morning but he is not yet available. There is something fishy with this project and we need to know what's wrong with this. Sarvapreet, is the person same Vikrant Singh who is head of sale/marketing of Era Landmarks? Do you his mail id so that we can reach hime over mail and get something in written that everything is properly put in place. 

Maybe that is why VIKRANT was in favour of customers coming to the office...had he got anything to show he would have mailed it to the person who were inquiring about it, but if he does that wouldn't the customers know what ERA has got and how ERA lied about the whole acreage of the society, how the customers were first made to believe that the Township would be 22 acres and now how can he show papers that ERA never had the Licence for 22 acres or more...wouldn't the customer know the precise date on which ERA got the licence from DTCP ..wouldn't all this reveal the truth which ERA still wants to hold dear and close to its chest so that it can launch another phase in the same township to another set of unknowing customers??

Hello Group, I had a word with Vikrant Gupta today & he confirmed that he has License copy now with him. Sandeep  visited ERA office in afternoon & was able to see the copy of license which is in name of "Resolve Estate Pvt Ltd" , area of 12.84 Acres & group housing project. I have also checked the licenseinfo published on & it matches the records. Please share your PoV that is it normal practice followed by builders taking licenses on the name of any subsidary or sister concerncompany? Did anybody heard about this company ? I tried to find licenses issued on ERA group in tcpharayana website & found that there is only one license in sector-68, gurgaon. Rest all licenses areof projects in Palwal/Sirsa. Except this, ERA has project in sector-103 gurgaon & 2-3 projects in FBD, so all on different names? 

Finally after lot of hurdles created by the management and all sort of stories, one of the group members finally gets to see the elusive License Document..which is for only 12.84 acres, Hence it could be easily understood why Era was not interested in sharing this with the Customers?? Secondly if you have noticed that this Licence is in the name of a subsidiary company that by ERA's own admission ceased to exist?? Thirdly as Era has the license than why is its own WEBSITE saying that SECTOR-86 LAUNCHING SOON.??? Fourthly why is the company not allotting units and starting construction and making customers wait endlessly??? Fifth; Has ERA GOT LAYOUT PLANS APPROVED??? 
Yes its true that Era has in Gugaon only one licence in its name (rest are all subsidiaries) that is in sec-68, Gurgaon...licence No 177, granted on 11/10/2008...for a group housing complex of 10.69 acres. The License issued by DTCP is valid only for 2 years after which it needs renewal, we do not know if ERA has renewed license for has been 4 years now and construction is just starting, why? Also customers of Sec-68 were told that the township would be of more than 50 acres, where has all that land disappeared now???
Hope the customers of ERA sec-86 Gugaon, do not have to wait for 4 years for construction to start, like all other projects of ERa. The Fact is that ERa has not completed construction of flats sold to customers in Faridabad even after 6 years (Might take another year to complete) and as fate would have it; these flats are neither in the sector promised to customers nor is the specification same as was shown and promised at the time of booking of apartments, but the poor customer can not go anywhere as he got aware of the problems only after 3 or 4 years had elapsed and by then he was stranded with no other option available to him for the same price range any more. 
Therefore the ERAMANTRA is simple, cheat, cheat & cheat the customer at each and every stage. DO not divulge facts that the customer should know before entering into agreement of any sort and to misinform and misguide the customer by vague and crazy stories, which result in burning huge holes in the pocket of the customer. Beware Of the ERAmantra.

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