Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Current Status of Redwood Residency-78, FBD

This is recent pix of the tower D (D Block) of the Redwood Residency which is under construction since 2006. As is clear from this pix which is of this month that the structure has almost been completed by Era Landmarks, but finishing work still has to get underway. As you can see from the Pix here No window/Door Frames have been Installed, Fire fighting pipes are now being installed as if on after thought, the ground is all littered with construction material &waste and debris. The Boundary wall in front of the D- Tower, clearly shows the limited open area available for residents use. The Paint work done on the building is just to give a false impression of considerable amount of work having been completed. Close Inspection of each building shows, complete chaos, bad quality of construction, rampant seepage caused due to blockage of water on each floors, Broken and cracked walls, uneven/waver/incomplete plaster on walls in each building etc etc.

This Pix is of tower E, F, G & H....here one can clearly see the boundary wall demarcating the ERA owned area of these towers and the space available within. FAR/ EXTREME (Top corner)  right hand side of the PIX shows the boundary wall not of brick/mortar but of G.I Sheets....That is where the 24 Mtrs road would enter the empty land within the boundary walls and go whole length of the E,F,G & H Towers. If you remember this land that today is alienated from our project by the boundary wall was once shown as part of the central green area around which all these towers were conceptualized. After all the numerous stories given by Era finally it is proven that this land does not belong to them, they never owned it and yet Era with the motive to cheat the consumers showed this land as part of the 10.05 acres of the township, Called "Redwood Residency." The greed of making undue profit at the expense of beleaguered customer, allowed ERa Landmarks management to charge PLC form Customers who opted for apartments facing this very land (GREENS)that Era never had owned/was never a part of the project @ Rs 100/- per sq ft. The even stranger fact is that nowhere in its agreement called the BUILDER-BUYER AGREEMENT has the company in any of the clauses said what this PLC of RS 100/- per sq ft is all about. It just says PLC-1 and PLC-2....what these PLC's are for, is not stated....ISN'T That SMART....It sure is.

This Pix is of Tower-B, you can get a glimpse of the damp walls which are hurriedly been covered by coat of paint. In this pix also you can see that no window frames etc have been fitted so far. which clearly demonstrates that the Builder will take almost another year to come close to giving possession of flats to the customers.
From this you can judge what the customers have gone through in the last almost 7 years, since they parted with the booking amount to the company for homes that were promised to be Semi-luxurious, with 75% green & open area, amidst the bounties of nature, with 4 acre park in between (which was never part of their land) with toddlers park, creche, gazebo's, swimming pool & gym ( the land for which is now nowhere to be seen on the site as the one in the brochure has been sold as new tower of 9 floors), squash courts ( now it seems people will play on the roads that bisect the township...which were never shown in the brochure but were part of the layout sanctioned plan drawn by Era), all this and more to be delivered by 2009 according to the Chairman of Era Infrastructure ( which was the company that sold the apartments to the customers but later after collecting the booking amount, created an independent company ERA LANDMARKS)

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