Wednesday, July 13, 2011

mumbai hit again

Three blasts reported from different parts of Mumbai - Dadar, Prasad Chambers in Opera House and Zaveri Bazaar.
its most unfortunate, what is the need for these people to target the common people, everytime there are such blasts there are many people who get killed for no fault of theirs...when will we able to handle our internal security, How many lives we will lose more before the administration, police would wake up to the fact that the lives have meaning, they have to be preserved. We have to stand up again from the ashes like the, rebuild - trust, faith, peace and belief. To this effect we have been a civilization that has risen everytime we have been attacked...we have countered all adversity with a special courage.
Its disturbing to see dead bodies scattered along the roads, human life so selfishly taken away for personal agenda's...but how can we stop this does not lead us anywhere...we have to put ourselves accountable for everything that happens in our vicinity, we all have to take responsibility that no one can ever repeat this act of cowardice..we all have be bull hounds, tracing everything ....everything that we find wrong anywhere...and report it so that our people can have lives of dignity and respect.
we have to maintain peace as the situation demands, but we should also book the perperators of such hineous crime and bring them to justice so that no one else does ever tries to commit such an act again..forever.

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