Monday, July 18, 2011

Era LAndmarks Latest offerings in gurgaon or not

The Latest Messages of several Property Brokers for Latest Launch of Era Landmarks Residential Projects in Gurgaon for Sector-103 and sector-85 are no where on the site of the company itself. Take cue from the fact that the company itself is not saying that they are launching these new residential projects. while the dealers are sms'ing to public at large to buy flats/ apartments in these projects at lucrative rates.
Beware of these acts of Brokers who sell to innocent people something that is not even acknowledged by the parent company. The company is not soliciting sales, its just the brokers who are...with time tested tricks like...RATES RIVISING SOON....these brokers trying to fool people of their hard earned money.
Please check the web site of the and you will see that the company is not talking of any launch of residential projects in these sectors. Yes, there is a claim of  Skyville crest, Sohna road, Sector-68, Gurgaon. Though the company has made out a compelling graphic description of the project but is silent on the acreage of the project, on its website.
Please check before you get trapped by vicious tricks of these unscrupulous property brokers, as by law its mandatory for the company launching any of its projects to get license of the same from the DTCP. As you would be putting in your hard earned money for your dream house, please check if the license is already obtained by the company and its the duty of the broker to give you a copy of the same. The state authorities have made it mandatory for every builder to print the license number on the advertisement of any project that it wishes to sell to public at large. Please get all information on the project from the brokers and simultaneously from the authorities regarding the authentic parameters of the residential project you are buying into. Take great care before you commit yourself, as it becomes a pain later on when you find out facts, which reveal that the brokers have blatantly cheated you and now you are at the mercy of the builder. Takecare and exercise caution. Thanks.

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