From execution of conveyance deeds without occupation certificates (OC) to arbitrarily charging stamp duty, registration authorities and colonisers in Faridabad are allegedly violating the law, according to a flat owners’ federation.
They are allegedly committing glaring irregularities, harming the interests of thousands of flat and plot owners.
Gross violation
The colonisers need to procure OCs for their projects from the Department of Town and Country Planning and submit a deed of declaration before the registering authority can execute the conveyance deed of a flat/plot. But the conveyance deeds are being executed without the OCs and deeds of declaration, in gross violation of the rulesAlso, the colonisers are charging two rates of stamp duty from the allottees. “Some of the builders are charging 5, 6 and 7 per cent and some are charging 3, 4 and 5 per cent. Since the entire area of Sectors 75 to 89 in Faridabad falls under the Master Plan of Faridabad-Ballabgarh Controlled Area, 1991, it is completely unjustified to charge different rates and should be rectified at the earliest,” said Ashish Kaul, vice-president of Federation of Apartment Owners Association.
The federation has made a written complaint to the Deputy Commissioner highlighting the irregularities and violations and seeking immediate correction and action against those responsible for the illegal acts.
Arbitrary charging
“Another issue is arbitrary charging of Circle Rates by the colonisers, in gross violation of Revenue Department guidelines. While some of the colonisers are charging Rs.2,300 per sq. feet, the others are demanding Rs.4,000 per sq feet. This alarming difference in Circle Rates is causing doubt over the present and future liabilities of home owners towards the registration authorities. Therefore, in the larger public interest such unfair practices should be put to an end at the earliest,” said Mr. Kaul.
Same yardstick
The federation is also opposed to similar circles rates for Group Housing Societies from Sectors 75 to 89 and the rest of Faridabad on the ground that “Neharpar” does not have infrastructural facilities like roads, water supply and hospital at par with the remaining area. “Since the committee has revised the Circle Rates by 10 per cent in other areas, same yardstick should be applied to calculate Circle Rates for Group Housing Colonies,” said Mr. Kaul.