Friday, October 11, 2013

NDTV Profit Continues to highlight the misuse of EDC collected in Haryana

NDTV Profit, Once again highlights the misuse of EDC money being charged and collected in the state of Haryana. During this show you would find out that Greater Faridabad's misery is not any less then that of Gurgaon or any other district in Haryana. While the Govt. is sitting on huge funds at its disposal, it is willfully not working towards development of the state and utilizing the huge corpus in as mush as the same manner as the builders have been doing in the state. In short, There is NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

The Builders are not accountable to the Competent Authority ( DG,TCP) as the Builder lobby gets all sanctions granted in their favor from Mr. Hooda (The CM OF HARYANA), who keeps dolling out relief policy after another to the builders, so that they enjoy the EDC money collected from us, for personal use. Its indeed surprising that license granted in 2006 or 2007 has been provided relief policy to defer EDC payments from 2010 and again in 2012 and now in 2013, every time there is an extension sought by the builders and every time the big hearted CM obliges them.  The mal- administration and oppressiveness of this administration, peaks when these public servants enhance the EDC from retrospective effect, effectively making the common man of the State, pay for the misdeeds of these builders and their own deficiencies of not developing the area as envisaged in the  master plan of 1991.

If in 2013, we still have to fight for common and essential services like Water, Electrification and Sewerage then what is the use of a Government and so many public servants. What have they been doing with our money, is this negligence or incompetence. Finally, do we deserve such administration and Governance, has the time not come to say, we have had enough of your loot and bring in only people who have the competence and the vision to work for the citizens of the State.  JAI HIND!!