Monday, July 22, 2013

Era Threatens Consumers to withdraw cases or face cancellation

Below is transcript of a consumer of Era Divine Court Faridabad. The reality is the moment the Home Buyer gets information of the deliberate fraud of the company that he has booked into, the company, irrespective of it's land bank or its reputation in the industry, feels important to initiate action that would ensure compliance to its rules or else it would use the last weapon to terrorize the buyer by sounding the Cancellation threat. Please care to go through the below mentioned para's which evidently prove the intention of the company which called the consumer to settle the dispute and when it saw the consumer is not budging..they used the old weapon of cancellation to guarantee compliance..  God save the consumers.. they have nowhere ..they have no one to support... its a fight of an individual, sadly and remain so unless every consumer gets involved..  

Today i had a meeting with Neeraj Kulshrestha at Noida Office , at 10:00 AM,.
There he raised the issue that what do i want,?
I told him that you dont have License, Land, you are not constructing the project deliberately & you are not responding to our genuine concerns regarding Legalized possession, Penalty,You are sending Cancellation letters to buyers,and threatening them to pay EEDC which has been stayed by the Court. 

He told that we have done agreement with the Licensee, and taken the rights to Construct,Market &sell the project and that is legal thing. I told him that the Haryana Development & regulation of urban areas act 1975 , which is the law that governs this business does not allow this activity. i told him that you are not recognized by the govt. , yet you are asking us to pay the EEDC , by showing the Government Notification. 

He ultimately told that if you have so many doubts than why dont you exit.He even told me that he will not take transfer charges for my unit, if i want to exit. I told him that i have given you money to buy a home, and after investing my Time of two yrs, now you are saying that i exit, even if i exit than i will not get the returns which other projects in neighbourhood are giving. because the image of the company has been spoiled in the market due to your activity in all  projects of your company.

He Told me that if you want to stay in this project , than i can assure you that i will get a fully legalized end product, and what else you want,

I told him about penalty, because of the fact that you are giving various reasons for the delay in development,No body knows what will happen in future also, and if you take your time in building the project than, as per the Builder buyer agreement you should pay me the Penalty Monthly. He told that he cannot pay the penalty in monthly form, but told me that he will pay the penalty at the time of possession. I asked him at what interest will you give me that penalty at the time of possession, he told me that this he will talk with his seniors and tell me in evening.And also told me that mostly it will be done. Also he told that he will send me a email in the evening, Where by he will give in writing that:-

1 How will they give legalized possession?
2 . At what rate of interest he will give me the penalty, at the time of possession.
3. Tentative date of possession.

After this assurance by him, i told him that i will examine your proposal and than i will decide.

And Meeting was over.

In evening I got a Call from Neeraj Kulshrestha , that he will not be able to give anything in writing, and he asked me to believe in his words. I  told him that , in the morning you told me that you will give everything in writing and in the evening you are saying the opposite and still you are asking me to believe you about a thing, that will take place, 2-3 yrs from now. May be in the meantime you may leave this company and join some other company, and a new boss, may not even recognize us.Also you are asking me to withdraw the case. than it is only  possible with written promises.on our genuine Demands. We are not asking you any out of the contract, and the demands can be very easily met by your company.

He told me that he cannot give anything in writing, than i told him that than there is no use of the oral promises. 

He threatened me that if i continue with case than he will cancel my flat and send me the refund. and than cut off the phone.
Mr Kashmiri Lal ji who also received the call of Neeraj Kulshrestha where he threatened that he will cancel flats of all buyers who have done Legal case against them.

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