Sunday, June 23, 2013


This is the plan that was sanctioned by the DTCP Haryana on 19.07.2007 well after the allotment was made to the gullible Home-buyers who were already distressed by the shifting of the project from sec-88 to sector-78  Faridabad.

This is the plan that was placed on record at the time of allotment by the Era Management. Please see this plan shows only 8 towers vs the 9 towers in the sanctioned plan. This plan shows only one Tigaon road passing by on one side of the project vs the 24 meter road passing between the towers E,F,G ,H and the rest of the towers plus one 3.25 Mtrs road named Revenue road that cuts the project again before tower I. Further the Allotment plan shows a 4 acre park around which towers were to be constructed vs the sanction plan that does not anywhere show this park or land between towers to be integral part of the project. The Below tabled plan shows a huge Club and other facilities like creche,etc which are nowhere to be seen in the sanctioned plan, of course there is dedicated place for the club on one corner of the project but the size and accessibility to it is a big question mark now as it is not within the complex for either towers E,F,G,H and I. 

This is the Google Map of the construction status of the project. it is evidently clear that the project does not  have any green cover in their common/open spaces. where as the above mentioned plan clearly shows a lot of green/open spaces. Perusal of the Google Map also indicates that Era has till date after almost 7 years of booking of apartments neither completed the development and construction of the project nor has it created the promised (even sanctioned) facilities like the club, creche etc.

Therefore the Home Buyer is not only duped by the changes in the layout or the project site and other promises made during the booking of the flats but also by the delay in construction and development of the project by Era. The circle rates have gone up, the EDC has been Enhanced, the service tax has been levied , the super area has been increased without any proportional increase in the area of the flat or the project....which all have added to the burden of the Home-buyer who is pressed upon by the clauses of the bilateral agreement to pay all dues as demanded but the builder is not bound by any of its contractual Agreement and can and is continuously delaying the construction by inflicting monetary as well as emotional injury and harassment on the Home-buyers. Hope the regulator listens and takes urgent action otherwise citizens will be cheated blatantly even in the future by unscrupulous Real Estate Developers Like ERA LANDMARKS!!!

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