Monday, July 2, 2012

ERA Landmarks, SKYVILLE Sector-68, Gurgaon.

The Real estate forums are abuzz with a lot of information regarding almost all residential projects. Naturally, most of these (Misinformation) have been planted by some vested interests to create hype about the niche/advantage of the projects they are trying to sell to the public. Though the DTCP has made it mandatory for real estate developers operating in the state of Haryana, to disclose all relevant approvals, sanctions, license No., acreage of the township etc, while advertising/soliciting sales of their residential/commercial projects, yet most builders are not following the DTCP orders. Therefore, we have to believe the word of the Real estate agent/broker/consultant. who have, in turn, been fed blatant lies about the project to forward them to the public at large to sell available space in the least possible time, by the builders sales staff.
See how one of the person writes on 28/10/2010, on IREF:-

Just got to know that they are coming up with a complete township in sector 68. Area is around 100+ acres, and they have also bought 60 acres of land from DLF. Hopefully launch is within 2-3 days. 
Also heard that they failed last time because of high tension wires over there land, which they say would be moved for sure. Dont know if it calls for a buy. Price around 3400 after discounts.

The fact is that the same site was sold as a 70 acre township to hundreds of citizens of our country. Later, the project was abandoned and the Money of helpless customers was either adjusted in some other projects of Era or was returned in a phase manner, naturally with out any Interest or penalty, for using their money for so long. As going back in time is not in scope of this information, we will dwell with the present scenario of this project, for the time being.

So here in 2010, Our friend has heard that the company is launching a 100+ township, lets analyse another piece of information which is straight from the horses mouth in 2008....

Yes, here you can clearly see that the company is saying that the total land bank for sec-86 Gorgaon is 21.06 acres only. In 2008, as company declares the LOI was awaited, which they finally received on 11/10/2008, LC-1447A, for 10.69 Acres in the name of M/s Era Infrastructure, for their Group housing scheme vide Licence No. 177. Please wait I am coming to the rest of the land, later on, on 30/07/2009 in the name of M/s Rational Buildcon Pvt Ltd, era got licence for another 10.15 Acres , LC-1550A, vide Licence No.- 40. (another of the Era subsidiary) Thus the sum total of the land bank is almost achieved.
Therefore, this Group Housing was never conceived to be of any other acreage than for what the land was purchased by the company in 2008. Which the Company knew all this while, but the customer purchasing a property here did not. what the customer also did not know was that the Company is planning/proposing to execute and deliver the project by June,2010. WHat an Idea propagate such hugely exaggerated figures, that which would pull customers like a magnet & later claim whatever is appropriate at that time. (something Era master in)

As we look further, we get the E-Brochure of this project, pls have a look at the layout shown in the brochure

this brochure is available on the net, surprisingly even this does not talk of the approvals it has got nor does it spell out the acreage of the project. surprising Indeed. So we take another step towards believing in the unbelievable.....and reach the life 400 feet above the ground reality...Nothing has changed since 2008, only the name of the scheme advertised has..that too several times....from this hoarding on the main sohna road, the narrow lane that leads to the site is still the same after more than 4 years..
....just a 100mtr or so inside this road and we reach the site office of SKYVILLE CREST on our left and the construction site on our right...
Inside this boundary wall, is where the construction of SKYVILLE CREST has started, eventually after a hiatus of 4 long years. For those who believe that something like this can not happen in Gurgaon, as this is paradise destination for real estate, beware. Following Pictures will show you how little has been achieved in terms of construction on the site in the last 4 years of selling this project and 3 years of getting LOI...the fact is that the construction has just started.....

Above are recent pictures of the construction site, clearly from these you can draw the conclusion that ERA has just started its construction activity. Most of the towers are yet to be dug up or excavation work has to start. Its clearly visible that foundation of about 2 or 3 towers only has started up till now. It is not difficult to visualize that this project would not be ready to be delivered for possession to the customers of this project before another 3 to 4 years, that is, we are considering 2016. If work goes on at war scale without any further stoppages.
So for the Customers who have bought property in this project or the ones who are about to purchase, please take appropriate precautions, do not be mislead by any one, find out all the relevant facts from either the developer or if he does not provide you with proofs, you can write to the DTCP office and get the copies of all approvals etc at a nominal fee's. 


  1. Hi All,

    This is Sumit Rathi residing in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. I have booked a flat in Redwood Residency, Sec-78, Faridabad in Nov, 2006. I booked this flat for stay but it has been already delayed by 3 years.
    I got a demand letter from Era in which they are asking to pay extra EDC charges which has been levied by Haryana Govt. I would like to ask how the genuine is this that this EDC will be charged from us because this project is already delayed by 3 years from booking. If this project had been delivered on time then we would have not liable to pay this charge. I think company is responsible to pay these charges.
    If you all got this kind of letter please let all know so that we can take step all together.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sumit Rathi

  2. Dear Sumit,
    Your point is valid. It should be taken up with Era Management at the earliest. Further, The break up of the Old EDC charge (EDC which was collected@150) Should also be provided in most transparent form by the company to its customers.

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  4. Hi , I have also booked flat in era skyville sector 68 Gurgaon. Recently have sent legal notice to directors . pls add me in group and lets jointly move forward in taking it up further
    Alok Malik 8373908151 ,