Saturday, February 18, 2012

Redwood Residency Fbd-78

Recent Site picture of Redwood Residency, FBD-78, Shows the towers standing still less than half complete. considering the project was sold in 2006 to public at large its is astonishing the rate at which the construction is going on. This picture clearly shows the humongous parcel of land in between towers that still does not belong to the builder, "Era Landmarks", who fraudulently sold this parcel of land as a park and charged all flat owners overlooking this parcel of land PLC ( Preferred Location Charges) for Park facing flats.
Not only the so called park is nowhere in site, to add to misery of the home-buyers what this third party land in between towers does is it renders this project Dis-integrated. As can be seen from the picture above, all towers stand separated  by the land that does not belong to this project. By concealing all relevant facts Era has been able to sell this residential project to innocent homebuyers. The Home-buyer who has paid the price that was prevalent in this area in 2006 is at the mercy of the builder now, who has clauses after clauses in his agreement that safe guards the builders interests by sacrificing the interest and rights of the customer.


  1. I Was planing to buy ERA redwood residency with "NO EMI TILL POSSESSION SCHEME"

    Please advice me for the same.

    1. Dear Tarun,
      If you want to buy Redwood Residency flat, Make sure the wording of the contract still do not say the word, "Tentative" anywhere, the super area of the flat should be fixed, the EDC amount should be known & fixed, the common area should be defined in black n white,lastly the possession date of the flat is fixed.
      share what they are offering for a better understanding on their position. Thanks