Sunday, February 13, 2011


Faced with a double whammy of corrupt real estate builders and lethargic and incompetent civic agencies, the customers of Neharpar area of Faridabad, as it is also called Greater Faridabad, are going to collectively demonstrate outside the HUDA office from MOrning to raise their concerns and greivances, On 1st March,2011.
The Faridabad exchequer has collected crores of ruppees in the name of development charges from thousands of allotees of builder flats/plots from this region. similarly from builders for granting them licences to develop these townships in this area. BUt all that money has not been used to invest on infrastructural development of this region. There are no sector roads, no electrifaction work executed for this region, no water or sewer lines laid down in this area, No telephone lines laid, it has been learnt that HUDA has not even acquired the land laid down in its master plan of last decade, which was to be used for infrastructural development of this region. The bigger question for those thousands and thousands of people is how and when will this area be livable for them. They have already paid almost the entire cost of these apartments, but with no civic amenity these customers can not think of living atleast for the next three more years.That is a very optomistic forecast. The way work has been moving it does seem a difficult target.
The fact is, what is the fault of the thousands of people who have bought apartments in this area and have helped the faridabad exchequer raise crores of ruppees. Thousands of peoples loss is primarily going into the pockets of three agencies- 1) The real estate developer.2) DTCP. 3) HUDA
These people are gaining at the expense and loss of the thousands of customers who had been lured into believing of buying a dream home in the midst of bountiful greens.
An estimated ten thousand apartments are being constructed in Neharpar, easy to gauge that almost fifty thousand people lives hard earned money is at stake. That too, in NCR. Right under the eyes of the urban and housing ministry and the central govt.

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